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Every city is like a time machine. The moment you enter it you are time travelling, sometimes to the uncertain future and sometimes to the known yet unknown past. In either case you get to open Pandora’s Box and unearth lot of secrets.The Lost Wanderer 

Sydney is home for me. With my brother living there, it is a place I go often. It also happens to be one of the cities I have had the chance to discover on my own. Devoid of any touristy recommendations I make it a point to try something new in my every trip. On my last trip I was fascinated by the concept of “walks” that Australian tourism boasted of. They had nature walks, beach walks, historic walks... the list was fascinating. Within seconds the book-lover in me thought how about a literary walk? Dear Sydney do you have one to satiate a bibliophile? The answer was a loud YES! A little lesser known than the other walks, Sydney’s writer’s walk is visual treat for any bookworm. 

Located at Darling Harbour it starts from the international passenger’s arrival terminal and ends at the Opera House. Surrounded by serene blue waters and Sydney Harbour Bridge in the backdrop this place is bustling with people at any time of the day. Unfortunately not many know about this walk and hence let me warn you, you might end up getting stared at for trying to read the placards fixed on the ground. The plaques have names of writers who are from Australia and also ones who came here to find an inspiration and went back to write a masterpiece. Something I have always admired about this country is their ability to encourage artists. 

Every time I am here, it reminds me of these lines – Imagine a world without artists. Scary isn’t it? Australia is a world full of artists. All around you will see street performers, artist’s studios, colleges offering courses, artists associations which meet regularly and help you sail through the various challenges you might be facing, not to forget this walk. The day I was supposed to go for this walk I was down for no particular reason except if “Have not been writing enough!” can be considered a justified reason. 

In the evening when I returned home I was carrying inspiration big enough to last me for a year and after that I could keep refueling myself by looking at these pictures. Even if you are not a writer, this walk promises to tickle your excitement as you get a sneak peek into the story behind the story. I could almost visualize some of my favourite authors sitting there on a bench few meters away from me staring at the endless waters and trying to capture their thoughts in words. The writers who have been framed here for eternity in the form of plaques with their famous works are awe-inspiring in every aspect. The plaques also have excerpts from their works which indirectly are acting-agents to increase your TBR list. 

Here's hoping these pictures inspired you to keep working on that book of yours!


  1. How inspirational is this??? Wow! As a fellow bibliophile, this walk is right up my alley. I was so surprised by some of the authors featured here, Mark Twain being one of them. Thanks for shairing, Privy!

    1. Even I was surprised Martha... while travelling I realised how much places impact a writer, inspire them and lead to wonderful pieces.


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