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It's been a long while I have been here and I am not sure if you missed me but I really did miss this space.

Ever since anyone has known me through this blog I have always told that Memoirs of Me is my first born , closely followed by my second blog Reviews & Musings and they will be always my first priority. I might become an author or might not become anything but this is one place that will never get compromised by me.

But since 2014 owing to my health there have been a lot of compromises and the blog has taken a back seat. Even when it comes to blogging the quality has declined (according to me) resulting into the decline of readership as well. Early this year I had a bad case of slip disc, followed by a minor surgery which could have had complications but luckily didn't. 

Beginning this year I had promised myself that I will write better this year and Lo! As luck would have had it my writing got affected due to the above. But then I think there was a flipside to it which I didn't realise till recently. Since December I have been having recurrent dreams about my plot and novel pushing me to write which I did in a diary. And because of this illness which rendered me bed ridden I have ended up writing quite a bit. (Well 30k words is not less I guess :)) Ofcourse if something concrete takes shape this is where I will bring it back again but till then storyboard is where I am hanging precariously holding onto thin wisps of yellow post-its trying to make sense of the mambo-jumbo that comes to my dreams in bits and pieces.

As a very close friend told me , blogging was your beginning and a place where you learnt. In life you grown and move on to bigger things later on but that does not mean that you forget who taught you all that. So perhaps finally my psyche has accepted that now I am not hyperventilating if I am not able to blog. 

I will blog whenever I can and will do so because of love for writing! After all everything and anything cannot be a book. There are some magical pieces which are here on this blog and I would rather keep it that way only. So if you don't see me around much, please don't fret. Rather please pray that I am able to bring untold story inside me finally out on paper because till then my mind is a chaotic place to be in.

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