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Random Thoughts

Every morning I drive down to my office through the same route; am sure each one of us does that.  But today morning I noticed something which was unusual.  I was supposed to go for a client meeting but out of my usual habit I ended up being en-route to office like every day. I noticed that it did not take much of an effort to be on the road I knew even the pitfalls by heart, remembered the number of bumps, the timing of the traffic signals and at some places even the junctions where high traffic was possible. This was all due to the habit of doing something consistently for so many years.

A promise of a lifetime

I admired the beautiful setting of roses in the elaborate arrangement Ranjit had sent thinking “He is really crazy…. “And began reading the card attached to it.

To the beauty of my life, This is how you make my life ~Beautiful, gracious, fragrant and blissful! – Love R <3
P.S: This post has been removed as it has been selected to be a part of a book.

Remembering a forgotten wishlist

Last weekend I was walking down the road from my office to a client meeting when I saw this young boy of about 8 years who was selling balloons and toys by the road side. Amongst all the colourful wares he had there was something that caught my attention. It was a small white bottle which had soap water to make bubbles.Something in that bottle made me stop in my tracks and go back to him .

A pinch of positivity

I have always believed that at times in life when you seem to be losing the meaning God sends you signals in His own special way just to remind you - Life is all about it's ups and downs. And yet you need to keep loving it. Since the time I have began writing, more often than not such reminders come in form of beautiful blog awards which I get from my lovely blogger friends.

It is with awards like this that I am reminded of the reason why I blog purely for the love of it.

Behind Time's Lost Atlas

Sometime in the month of February , I came across a very interesting contest on my Facebook feeds. The contest was being held by Half Baked Beans Publishing where they were looking at newbie authors to get published with them. They would be selecting people and mentoring them to publish their work. The criteria – an introduction of yourself or your story in the most innovative manner and those ideas would win. The last date for submission was 8th March.

Metro Diaries: The chanced encounter (A guest post)


And finally THE moment...


The Homecoming

Some things in life are blessed for they are untouched by the eternal truth of life change. Anytime you can come back to find them just the way they have always been. “These were some of the thoughts running in my mind as the rickshaw moved into the small gullies of my hometown. I was home after almost 2 years and yet it was all the same. Off late I had began to hate change. Process changes at work place, boss change, weather change, policy change of the country… it was all so difficult to cope up it. It all left me flabbergasted.In such a moment of frustration I had also decided I need a change (yes! That’s exactly the word) and booked my tickets to come here.

Write Tribe: Silence of the heart

~ To ~ Another part of me
Today morning I woke up dreaming about you. Heavy rains and a gloomy weather made me want to sleep some more. With my eyes still closed I stretched my hand towards the right side of the bed half expecting you to be there. The emptiness which met my hands woke me up rudely from slumber. 
I opened my eyes to an empty bed, empty house and perhaps an empty me with nothing else but your memories that hung around from the walls carelessly. I slowly got on my feet and walked a few steps painstakingly only to come face to face with you. There you were looking at me with a haunted look in your eyes, tugging my heart. Somehow I could never part with this picture of yours. Maybe it was your eyes that captivated me every time I looked at it. 

Metro Diaries : The Unspoken