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Yaadon Ka Karkhana # 1- Homeless

Home. A place. A building. A memory. A feeling. Nostalgia. Childhood. Emotions. Dream. Desire. Family. Siblings. Happiness. Secrets. Songs. Heart. Soul. Love. Peace. A person. Home.

Yaadon Ka Karkhana - The Beginning

Last four years have been eventful. Quit jobs, moved cities, went on solo trips, ticked off quite a few things off my wishlist and managed to survive all the changes my illness brings along. If there is one thing I realised amidst all this, then that was this; " This life is nothing but a place to make memories - Yaadon Ka karkhana. Some bitter, some sweet, some tear jerking while some that make you smile even after decades - but memories are always cherished. Because strangely people change, memories don't. "