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Lessons Learnt: 2017

This year was a roller coaster ride. I somehow can’t recollect how it passed by and no, I don’t say this every year. Not a very eventful year still one that helped me grow, 2017 will always remain an important milestone for the emotional growth I managed to achieve. (And by that I just don’t mean in age!

One of the key takeaways has to be “More” of everything that I do. More love, more laughter, more writing, more reading, more movies, more exercises, more passion, more effort, more practice, more living… it is this “more” that elevates the life from being ordinary to being extra ordinary.

Delhi-Mumbai : A love story (55 fiction)

She: We broke up
Me: Why?
She: We were like Delhi-Mumbai. Similar in a lot of ways. Flamboyant, lively, bustling with energy, dreamers, daredevil. Charismatic. We had panache. Stylish. Raring to go. Jack of all trades. Classy. We believed in living life to the fullest.  But we were too busy trying to outdo the other. 

Winter Evenings (Micro-poem)

Lonesome winter evenings, Drenched in peach and orange hues. A forlorn song and a falling star... Whoever said memories make you smile! Wrapping myself closer I wonder, is it the chill in the air or has the thought of you left me cold?

I, me, myself.


Defining Home


Random Thoughts

I lit lamps in my house after many days, perhaps the light of your memories has finally started dwindling.

On writing


A place called home (Micropoem)

When ;  Memories no longer beckon,  Ticking clock refuses to pause,  Mirror shows the stranger in it,  Empty racks tell a tale of their own,  Broken windows don't reflect the joy hidden in their crevices,  And life just refuses to smile.....  That is the moment when that place is no longer home.