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If wishes were horses...

Image Source: Life is all about wishes. We wish for something and we get something else, only to realise that perhaps we were wishing for this more than what we thought we were. If you have been following my blog since inception (Ah! That sounds so technical!) But you get the sense of it right? If you have been here for a while you will know that I have had my own share of 'claim to fame' moments when I got published in anthologies and then ofcourse my solo collection Metro Diaries 1 & 2. After that of course things have been quiet for the longest now and honestly, I have no clue when I will have something huge to announce. THAT is actually the reason behind this post.

Timeless Love (Flash Fiction)

Source: "Where is Baba?" Amayra asked immediately after entering the house. "He is watching some documentary on the television." Her mother replied nonchalantly before going back to the kitchen.

Bittersweet memories - Cake (Not a movie review)

Image Source: In the recent few years, I am glad to have found movies on dysfunctional families which tell me, I am not alone. To be honest, though perfectly happy families were good to watch on screen, after a point they would hurt. For they seemed to be reminders of all the good things missing from your life. Worse, they left you with tons of expectations that would seldom get fulfilled. These movies have given me a sense of belongingness, one that I could rarely find in movies till now. And am so glad to have finally discovered them.I am attempting to write what one of the many movies I have loved made me feel. Cannot be called a review or a critic. It is more of a monologue on why I loved this movie.