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Happiness is...

Source: Google Images Happiness is winning an award for it reminds you - How loved you are!

Life's beautiful reminders

  The roses are long dried, but the fragrance still lingers on reminiscent of the beautiful memories it holds within waiting to be re-opened on days when the grey skies of despair surround me.

Sometimes I wish ( 55er)

Source: Google Images Sometimes I wish I was a tree ~  Dancing in the breeze  Singing with the birds  Sharing secrets with the clouds  Talking to the sky  Drenching in the rain  Shining in the sun  Whispering to the winds  Romancing the moon  Playing with the lightening  Twinkling with the stars  Smiling to say I belong to you P.S: This poem has been published in Writer's Ezine July 2014 issue HERE