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Say & Execute ~ This week


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Metro Diaries- Dreams & Desires ( 55 fiction )


Await & Live ~ This week


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Metro Diaries - Truth, dare and some lies..........

I have always believed each one of us has a story to say, provided there is a listener. Due to my work profile I travel a lot and I get most of my stories from the different people I met on such journeys not necessarily in person but in some way their stories speak to me. This segment is dedicated to such people and their stories. An attempt to capture the magic of real life through words and recreate it.

Experience & Remember ~ This week


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A Gift ~ of Love

Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend.” ― Marian Anderson
I have been lucky in having a wonderful friend who reminds me of all the gifts I have in my life. Some of you, who read my other blog must have read my letter to my best friend Dumpling there. So now as I celebrated my birthday 2 days ago I received the most wonderful and unforgettable gift I have ever got till now from Dumpling. Gifts are always special as they denote the love that person has for you. And this gift is truly extra special for various reasons. Firstly Dumpling pretended to have forgotten my birthday and then this gift came exactly at the time I had posted my first blogpost 2 years ago. It gave me such a special feeling which is beyond words , hence without saying any thing further just sharing that gift with you:

A matter of choice (Flash Fiction)

Who am I?

In life we women tend to play a lot of roles - we are a daughter, sister, girl friend, best friend, wife, daughter-in-law, aunty, niece, mother, sister-in-law etc etc. Amidst all these roles we sometimes tend to lose the real US and many times ask ourselves Who am I?
Off late I was pondering over this question and this is the answer I got:

Once upon a time

It was a hot summery afternoon when the stork delivered it at my house. She was welcomed into this world without much fanfare as along with the joy of her arrival was the fear of my past. She was stupefied to see doubt and fear instead of love and faith as she opened her eyes. But the next moment she smiled as if to say, Don't worry now I am here. That day it seemed as if someone had pressed the restart button of my life. Gone were the days when I would spend hours mulling about all that could have been and should have been. My whole world revolved around her now as I kept thinking of the various possibilities we had together.

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Ajay's question to Me ~
Three things About yourself.
I guess I have already spoken a lot about it hence I am skipping this part!

Two things People don't know about you.
I am die hard foodie
Pink is still my favourite colour.
One thing you want to change about yourself.My habit of being too emotional

Changes, Chances and Challenges - 4

Maliny's questions ~
Your dream holiday destination ?
Favourite movie , music band / musician , author ?
R. K Narayan.
Which do you prefer scribbling on a piece of paper or typing onto a laptop?
I prefer scribbling for reasons unknown.

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Changes, Chances and Challenges- 2

Divya's questions to Me ~ If you had to describe yourself with the help of a song which song would that be? Ae jindagi gale laga le, humne bhi tere har ek rang ko gale se lagaya hai…hai na? – I feel this song says exactly what my heart feels every time!

What is that one thing you would do differently if you felt no one was judging you? Just be – as I am always being something that people want me to be for the fear of being judged. But if I knew I was not being judged I would just be myself.

Changes, Chances and Challenges- 1

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

The way to a man's heart ( Flash Fiction)

Kalpana lay there motionless long after Rajiv had left the room. Her mind went back to the time when it had all started. It was just a few days after their marriage. All the guests had left and it was only them now. 
Kalpana had been nervous yet excited as she made preparations for breakfast that morning. She had carefully laid out the table having made everything of his choice – the way he liked it.She remembered her mother and aunts telling her “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 
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This is my guest post at Glad2bawoman's magazine.To read this story further please visit here