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LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 2

The story so far: Part ~ 1 The story ahead: From the next day Sakshi was not aware about the changes she went through. Or maybe if she was aware it was beyond her control what her heart was making her do. She took more pains in dressing up for the office spending hours before the mirror changing at least a dozen dresses before finalizing one. “ Nothing but the best for Avinash…. ” She secretly thought as she got ready. Her changed behavior and puzzled look on her face was a matter of concern for Khushi- her roommate and colleague. Khushi was the only one Sakshi could call a friend in the company. In a short time they had managed to become great pals. Khushi was helpful to her in terms of adjusting and settling down in the new city. Khushi had observed everything last night and had tried asking Sakshi couple of time but she got no answer. Tired of it she left it there thinking things will get clear at the right time.  From the office main door to her desk, Sakshi’s e

I wish...

If wishes were horses; With due permission, this list of wishes is actually inspired by a post [ Wishlist ] by a fellow blogger Jojo. Thanks Jojo!

Hurt & Surrender ~ This week


Reflections ~ 2

Read the previous part  here : Reflections ~ 1  Though I never intended to write this when I wrote the first post , I somehow had the urge to complete this incomplete story.

Love- A mystery ~ Part 1

Tingggggg…..ggggg. The clock on the nearby wall struck one jolting Sakshi out of her reverie. “ Oh my God!! ” she exclaimed,” It’s one and I am not even sleepy .” She stretched her arms and walked towards the nearby window only to be lost in her thoughts again. In the past few weeks her life had taken a 360 degree turn and Sakshi had no complaints . She smiled as she thought of the changes. The first thought that came to her mind was meeting Avinash. Though they worked in the same office they were in different departments. Hence Sakshi never knew such a person existed in her office until last week when a colleague introduced them at an office party. Sakshi was 23 years old, fresh out of college and still trying to understand the corporate world in her first job. She was bubbly, full of energy because of which she made friends easily in her office. She was single child and had grown up in atmosphere where she was taught to take her own decisions since the childhood. Sk

Appreciate and Expect~ This week


Lonely Night

Another lonely night with the stars and the moon for company, I am kind of used to this loneliness. Feels good to be with myself at times, listen to my heartbeat and feel my breath which otherwise go unnoticed.    I wonder how peaceful and calm this otherwise chaotic world seems at this moment. The clock ticking away, the chirping of crickets, the siren of the faraway train engine...Suddenly these noises come alive as during the day they are hidden beneath the noise of stomping egos, shattering dreams, breaking hearts, crashing expectations and the noisy banter of our minds. This peaceful silence is lost somewhere amidst the chaos created by us humans. Why we are like this? We create so much noise in about everything we do and then look for peace and silence everywhere…