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Black & White

Life for me is like this - black and white. I choose to believe it so and no there are no greys for me! Yes there are few darker moments where the pain was more than joy and some lighter ones where joy was in abundance. Overall, my life is beautiful with its intricate small moments like these designs and it makes me smile with pride everytime I look at it. 
P.S: Yesss!!! I made this!

An award to remember

It is said - Happiness is a choice which you need to make. Happiness  never chooses you, you choose it and when you do that it stays forever giving you new reasons everyday to smile.

Apologetically yours


Random Scribblings

आज कुछ यादें बटोरी।  अजीब  लगता है न , यादें बटोरना ?
रोजमरा की जिंदगी मैं हम इतने मशरूफ़ हों जाते है की हम यह भूल जाते है , आखिर जिंदगी दी गयी है यादें बटोरने लिए।  इसलिए जब कभी कोई हमसे पुछता हैं " और क्या कर रहे हो आज़ कल ?" हम मुस्कुराके बस यही कह देते है , " यादें बटोर  रहे है।  " उनके आश्चर्यचकित चेहरे देखे लायक होते है।

कोशिश करके देखिएगा कभी।  न ना , ऐसे जवाब देके नहीं , बल्कि यादें बटोर कर।

Translation: Today I collected some memories. Feels weird right, to collect memories. In our day to day life we forget the fact , that life is actually a gift to gather some of the most beautiful memories. That is the reason when someone asks me " And what are you upto these days?" I just smile and reply " Gathering memories." The expression on their face is priceless.

Do try it someday. No, not giving this as an answer but to gather some memories.

Precarious Love

To  ~The lost part of my soul~ 

Serendipity (Flash Fiction)


Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Dream on Dreamer


LIFE- As I see it

Off late a lot of gratitude posts have been doing round on Facebook and yes I caught up with me too. First I thought of just writing it there but as everyday I began to think of what I was grateful for today I realized how many things have happened in the last few months that I did this exercise with myself. Life has it's own ways of sending beautiful reminders our way to just let us know what we have got. And that is what got me thinking since past few days. The above picture explains my current situation the best for that is how I am feeling after making this gratitude list.
A lot has transpired in the last few months , some good, some super good, some awesome, some okay and some not so good. I wouldn't like to tag anything as bad for I believe that there was worse that could have happened but didn't and for that I am eternally thankful to the Almighty and hence just tagging it as not so good.


~ To ~ The pink coloured sequined saree wearer whom I met last week

Confessions of a Dream catcher

I have always called myself an eternal dreamer and a person who simply loves letters. So when this 30 days-30 letters prompt came up at my friend Count Santulan's blog I was tempted. After too much of dillydallying today when the prompt asked us to write a letter to our dreams, the dream catcher in me JUST had to do it. After almost a brief hiatus there is nothing better than this to come back to blogging :