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R.I.P - Humanity

Sometimes all that I feel is confusion!! :) People don’t reciprocate feelings but expect reciprocation. They treat you like punching bags or worse still like dustbins to dumb their s*** on. Once they are done they walk away with their head held high in all glory and fame….! They are least interested in others pain and agony. Nothing matters more than I, ME, and MYSELF. Feelings like care, concern, help, serve, guide, respect, love etc have just vanished into thin air. It’s a pity we have been reduced to zombies. With all the growth and development this is maybe the free mystery gift that tags along.  Maybe this pollution and other things have finally managed to strangulate people’s conscious to death!!

Random Thoughts

Its been quite a long I am out into this big world on my own. Each day seems to be a teacher adding new lessons to my encyclopedia of life. Still there seems so much to learn and know.I am inquisitive about the future, serene about the past and qualm about the present. But then I feel sometimes you just have to let go of everything and let things happen....... QUE SERA SERA........ Cherish the gift of life today and live it!!

Gone are the days...............

Gone are the days.... When doing homework was the only mammoth task in the world. When fighting with your best friend seemed to be the worst thing on earth. When a petty squabble with your sibling was forgotten in seconds. When our mommy dearest was the world’s best dress designer for us. When “Lets catch up” didn’t need any SMS / call/ FB/twitter. It meant dropping into your friend’s place just like that. When a “katti” meant end of the world and a “boo” meant an end to all disagreements/ fights. When a simple toffee/candy bar seemed the best treat in the world. When a win in a race was a triumphant achievement and cherished for years to come. When anything and everything made us laugh – nothing seemed silly! When physical injuries were the only wounds we ever got. When sitting in mamma’s lap with little bit of pampering made us forget all the pain we had. When those piggy back rides with Dad were unmatched for! Today the days are such that ~ No excitement can make us

The secret of being happy !!

The secret of being happy lies in the word "Be Happy" itself. Just check out how - B - Be grateful for all that you have in your life. Count your blessings and thank the Almighty for being so kind to you. E - Engage your mind in learning new things everyday. Life is a school where there is something to learn every moment. H - Have faith in yourself and never underestimate your strength. Life is a school where this is something to learn every moment. A - Act on everything and anything that you set your mind on. It's never too late for anything. Don't let things like age, qualification etc deter you. JUST DO IT! P - Pursue your goals and set new goals to have something to do everyday. P - Pause yourself - Once in a while just pause yourself to regain strength to move ahead again in gusto. Y -YES!!! Say YES to everything that comes to you in life and be positive about everything that's happening around you. Everything happens for a reason.

Random Thoughts

I think pure feelings are something that we left behind in our childhood. These days our tears are hidden with false smiles, jealousies with false friendships, hatred with false affection....we have actually forgotten what pure unadulterated happiness is. Is it the feeling that we used to get when we were on swing and it used to go higher and higher making us break into giggles? Is it the feeling we used to get when we used to win something in school? Why is that our tears are hidden behind our smiles and our smiles hidden behind our attitudes? When did we last laugh out loud like we used to when we were child? I am wondering............

I chose…….

Life showed me a path full of love and care, Treading on which I had to dare, I realised it was a trap luring me away, I had come away so far that and there was nothing more to say; I chose to believe…….. It broke my belief and shattered my dreams, Took away my laughter leaving behind my muted screams, My tears refused to dry as I did nothing else but cry, I had lost everything and had no glimmer of hope- but still; I chose to forgive……. A battered soul, a broken heart, A string of memories tearing me apart, I failed badly even though I had tried, What should I do I asked God and cried; I chose to forget……. “Enough was enough” I thought and decided to end this at last, It was a question of my survival-I had to let go of my past, Looking at myself I was aghast, Beginning anew life, forgetting all the pain; I chose to arise again……. Life was jeering at me, making scary faces, Sho