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Knock knock.....Who's there?

In continuation to my earlier blog post about Creative Prompt for "Tea for two and a piece of cake" by Preeti Shenoy, my this tuesday's meme is:

Time for some celebration

Hey.......... I just realized my blog is about to complete a year on 8th March. I chose that day as it's International Women's Day which for me is something very special.

Sheer Bliss!!

I have recently added a section to my blog called the Mindboggling Monday - Book reviews where I do  reviews on some of my favourite books. I have also joined Blogadda's book review programme to get to read the best books in the world first :)

I am writing

Off late I have been reading a lot of articles on net which highlight the various methods to get more readers to your blog, increase the followers etc etc.

Ek garam chai ki pyali ho

The wait is finally over and one of my favourite authors Preeti Shenoy is coming out with her third book which is very beautifully titled " Tea for two and a piece of cake ".

Book Review : A Calendar too crowded

Recently I had the privilege to read a wonderful book titled A Calendar too crowded by Sagarika Chakraborty. Read my book review on the same HERE Hope you enjoy reading it too as much as I did. Happy Reading!! This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at . Participate now to get free books!

Random Thoughts

Few years back I had met with an accident resulting into a serious injury on my knee which took couple of months to heal. Recently I have an injury on my right hand which might take at least a month to heal.

A special letter to a special sister

Source: Google Images Though I don't have a real sister I have been lucky enough to have m et some wonderful soul sisters on this earth. O ne of them got married recently and this was my wedding gift to her:

An infinite helping of Chicken Soup

21st May 2001 . I remember the date very clearly. On that bright summer afternoon I had gone to the nearby library just like everyday and told the person at counter,” I am done with this book. Give me some good book to read.”

Beautiful Tears

Source : Google images   “Cry Baby” that‘s what I was called in my childhood. I could cry at the drop of a hat. No wonder my first poem was also on tears. Jokes apart, crying is something that has always been very close to my heart due to my three decade long association with them.

My New Year Resolutions

A New Year is incomplete without resolutions. So here I am sharing my resolutions for this new year 2012:

Welcome 2012

 HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.................