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Metro Diaries - The Last Kiss (Final Part)

Read the previous parts :  Part 1  |  Part 2  | Part 3 As he was about to talk to Jumainaa young girl entered the hall. “This is Preeti.” Kamalatai introduced here. After Kamalatai, Jumaina or Jumainappa as everyone else called her, was the oldest. She was reed thin with eyes that were bulging out. Her skin was brackish as if burnt by accident and her smile was hollow. She was a beauty once upon a time and a mysterious illness had rendered her like this. She had a miscarriage after which she was never same again. As of now she took care of these girls, cooked, mopped the floors and cleaned the house. She was also the go-to person for any medical advises. 

Metro Diaries - The Last Kiss (Part #3)

Read the previous parts : Part 1 | Part 2 A runaway child, dreams of becoming an actress and a whole lot of drama lay behind that sly face. One after another she called the other girls to speak to him. They not only shared their backgrounds but also talked about the strange people they keep meeting day in and day out. Rahul knew they were not revealing their real names, but that didn’t matter at all. What mattered was that they were talking from their heart and he could see that in their eyes. He was happy to be that window to the outside world for them when he patiently answered all their questions about his life with a huge smile.

From the attic of memories ~ Day # 2 (On healing)

Today, yet again...  Someone made fun of my illness.  Someone mocked at the abuse I have been through in life.  Someone laughed at the trauma I faced and the therapies I took to heal myself.  Someone giggled at the fierceness with which I continue facing life thinking I am my own super hero. 

Metro Diaries - The Last Kiss (Part #2)

Read the previous part : Part 1 His entire life till now was a perfect example of survival of the fittest. You are enough in everything and anything you do in this world. Others are here to serve as a distraction so that they reach their goals before yours and become winners. These were some of the beliefs he had fondly cherished in his heart, practiced and at times preached too without much success. It wasn’t that he was not capable of getting attention. On the contrary he actually gathered a lot of it wherever he went blame it on his devil-may-care attitude or his deep brown eyes which sang songs of love and longing to any heart that cared to listen. It was his heart that never cared for any attention. All he craved for was solitude.  *-*-*-* 

Gratitude Post # 2- February 2019

Yet another month has gone by and I spent the last one week thinking about what all things am I grateful for in February. After a lot of thinking, here's what I have concluded:

Metro Diaries - The Last Kiss (Part #1)

Rahul stood at the station waiting for his train with extreme patience. All of 27 Rahul had spent most of his life waiting and hence was very used to it. Born to very successful parents his childhood was spent in waiting for them to come home. His teenage got lost as he waited for them to notice him. And now that he was grown up he waited for trains and planes to keep running away from his so called life in an attempt to find life.