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Random Thoughts

Amidst all the beauty associated with life, there lies a bad facet of life which has a very painful side. This painful side involves hurt, anguish, grief, pain, heartbreak, injury, loss and lament. This journey which starts with a wound always ends up in scars. The scars could be of three types of scars: Physical – Ones which you get when you are injured by any accident / fight, which leads to blood shed. Emotional – Ones which you get when you are hurt by a loved one or through any disappointment you might come across in life like heartbreak, failure, a dream which didn’t come true etc. Mental – Ones which you get when you are shocked with something that has happened in your life leaving you with a fear or a phobia. Whenever you experience any of these types of injury, treat it like you would any physical wound. Give it ample time to heal completely. Do all that you can to ensure proper recuperation. Cry if you need to. Lament your grief or hurt; but once it’s healed,

Random Thoughts

Once in a while , when life is playing at its usual pace, pause it. Press the PAUSE button. Take a deep breath, smell the flowers, admire the sunshine, feel the air and gather the energy to chase your dreams again. Then press the resume button to move in the direction of your goals. This will help you gather all the energy required to run towards your destination. It will rejuvenate you and help you feel energized again to be in the race. This is something similar to those refreshment posts that we have in races. In car race, they check the air pressure and other things to ensure the car runs smoothly. In a cycling race, they give water to the cyclers to boost them to continue cycling further. The same way your body needs this to continue for the remainder portion of the journey.

Random Thoughts

Time and again people teach you very important lessons which are engraved in your heart forever. These lessons are like that pill which leave you with a bitter after taste but are very important for you to recuperate. I take every hurt to be a bitter pill. I think I am unwell and I need this medicine to be fit and healthy again. Everytime I am about to repeat my mistakes, I remember the bitter after taste which in turn helps me remember the lesson!!

Confusing comparisons

Recently in a casual discussion with a friend I came across a very interesting thing. On a usual cup of coffee with my friends we were discussing various issues when suddenly the topic of weight came up. Women being what they are, we all started rattling about our own struggles with weight loss. One of my friends seemed to be very disinterested in this discussion. When we asked for her opinion, she just shrugged her shoulders and said,” If you compare yourself with the size zero avatars you are definitely FAT. But if you compare yourself with someone fatter than yourself, you are not. It’s about what you are comparing yourself with!” I was dumbstruck listening to this. It was such an excellent way of looking at things and put across so nicely. This thought refused to leave me long after I had reached home. Her words kept on echoing in my ears. It was an eye opening experience for me. Why did I never think about this before? This seemed to be such a perfect solution to so many proble

A beautiful prayer

GOD when I lose hope, help me to remember that your love is greater than my disappointments and your plans for my life are better than my dreams!! AMEN!!

Lazy Lamhe

This summer has definately got onto me....the laziness has crept into my blood cells making me lazier and lazier with each passing day..... Yeh lazy lazy lamhe..... :) Currently I am in Seershasna position....and I can feel  the blood trickling down to my brain slowly slowly. Hopefully...will be back to normal very soon with my usual banter!!

SRK ki Paathshaala

SRK rocks!! He is simply the best. I have a huge crush on SRK since the time that I can remember. Even today just one glimpse of him on the TV screen can make my heart skip a beat. Till date he makes me feel like a gawky teenager with those cute brown eyes of his and that lovely dimpled smile. For me he epitomizes love. The way he gives a glance with those caramel eyes and flashes that sweet smile which leaves goey feeling all over, the way he blows a kiss and then waves his hand leaves me completely dazed. I remember all the songs and dialogues from his movies by heart and have watched all of them like a zillion times over and over again. And there are a choicest few which are very close to my heart for different reasons as I have learnt something from them.  In this paathshala SRK is the professor of Dil and Dosti giving us very important lessons on love and friendship in life through his movies. Happy Learning! Presentin

All about 4 A.M friends

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 AM that matter. ”  – Marlene Dietrich Recently while surfing the net I came across this quote and it set my thinking horses running wild. First thought – 4 AM friends. What are they? To define a “ 4 AM friend” in my words, it would be a person whom you can call at 4 AM and not worry about what he/she will think. I am sure you would agree that 4 AM is an unearthly hour to call some one. But with this person you can share your feelings and emotions without the fear of being judged. It means that friend is there for you even at any time to listen to you pouring your heart out. Offering a handkerchief whenever you cry, giving a warm hug when you are feeling low and cheering with you when you are happy. You know that person would drop everything to be at your side on only one panic call from your end just saying “I need your help.” Sometimes you don’t even have to say those words and they are still understood. Second thought – Do I have such 4

Random Thoughts

Life is beautiful and the beauty of life lies in its simplicity. The more we try to make it complex, the more uglier it gets.So whenever in doubt, remember K.I.S.S [ Keep It Simple Stupid].

Random Thoughts

Whenever life challenges you with a problem;  Dont fret and say," Oww.....Why me???" Rather smile and say," WOW!! Try me!! "