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Random thoughts : On Life


Microfiction: Hurt

I don't know what hurts more - the love that was never there and yet was felt. Or the hurt that was always there and never felt till now.

Random Thoughts: On life

Not many know but this year began on a very low note for me. I needed a heavy dose of motivation and who better than myself for it.  From 1st Jan 2016 I started writing a letter to myself daily. Good, bad, past, present, future, love, hatred, dreams and nightmares all became a part of them. All hand written with drawings around them to depict my mood these letters have been a huge solace in the last few months. Today as I read 78 letters of life written to myself I do smile with a tinge of tears in my eyes for they do smell of hope and are strung together with the thread of faith.  Someday it will all be fine, and till then we continue to hope!

Meraki ~ 7

4:15 am Creative Khopcha Today I tried again. Called her, in a vain hope that I will be heard. I had a lot to tell, to share, to crib and to rant. But just like everytime I wasn't heard, rather I heard all that she wanted to say. And before I realised it was time to hang up.  It has always been like this, since ages. Why is it that then my heart expects it to be different every single time?Am I blind to not see all these things or that I choose to ignore it all because I just don't want to accept it?

Random Thoughts on Friendship

Sadly yes! But then it is weird to see some of your friends look like complete strangers to you.  Source: Quotes for you Page on Facebook

Microfiction: On life

Tried peeping in the past today. No, the dams didn't break nor were the rivers flooded. Seems like the land is ready for harvest again!

Note to self # 2

Source: Be your own best friend not only by pampering yourself with gifts and goodies but also by being the one to say in times of trouble, " See I had told you! But you wouldn't listen to me. Now look where we have landed up ." Only to add after a while, " You don't worry though. I am there with you. We will manage to find a way out from this mess ."

Words & Wishes

Memoirs of Me turns 5 today- a very cherished moment for me as this is a reminder to me that when you continue to what you love,time just flies! P.S : A very dear friend had made this for me 2 years ago. His intention was to capture everything that defined me and was cherished by me. I am so much in love with this that I couldn't think of any other picture to use at this moment. I know this occasion calls for a complete dedicated post with a lot of pondering and heartfelt confessions. But as of now as I am traveling I am just putting this post up only to be followed up by a detailed post soon.

Meraki ~ 6


Forget Me Not (55 fiction)

Source: Someday when life would come a full circle and we meet again I wish I could tell you all that I have never said. Bare my heart, hoping at least now you can hear me.  " I haven't forgiven you for what you did to me .”  But perhaps that would mean I haven't forgotten you too.

Meraki ~ 5