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My first award

In every thing that we do in life, the 'firsts' are always special. First school, first crush, first love, first vehicle, first job, first salary.....the list is endless. Today is a very special day for me as I have received my first award today from Nikky.

LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 6

The story so far: Part ~ 1 | Part ~ 2   | Part ~ 3   | Part~4    | Part~5 The story ahead:

Failure & Deceit ~ This week


My Happiness List

We all have few days in life where we feel low without any reason. Everything seems to be stuck and stagnant making us irritated. Whenever I am going through such days I make a happiness list – a list of things that make me smile despite all odds. This helps me count my blessings and is an immediate mood changer. 

Not a dowry

Sometimes some incidents change your entire perspective of looking at things. They even challenge your beliefs and leave you baffled. Sharing one of such food for thought incident with you:

LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 5

The story so far: Part ~ 1 | Part ~ 2   | Part ~ 3   | Part~4  The story ahead:

Books - My best friend

According to me reading is the best habit an individual can develop. God knows what I would have done without all these beautiful books to surround me. They help me stay grounded and calm my nerves when frayed. They tend to be those friends when I want to shed some quiet tears and a confidante when I am looking for some serious answers in life.Adding my bit to Blog Adda's blog for a cause so that each child in our country also gets to enjoy the beautiful world of books by posting this NGO's details here which is actively involved in promoting reading among children :

Love & Pain ~ This week


I am what I am

Being born as a woman in Indian society comes with a huge list of pros and cons.  Qualifying in the ‘ marriageable age ’ adds on the list altogether more. No sooner did I qualify for that criteria, I was tagged available in the marriage market. Grooms were being searched and almost every eye that saw me had something or the other to comment either on my looks or my weight. There were millions of thoughts running in my mind during that time, this poem being one of them ~

Post Returned Undelivered

Daily there are thousands of posts returning undelivered for various reasons like door locked, party shifted, no such addressee etc. This also happens in our personal life. Daily we send thousands of thoughts, prayers, wishes, feelings, hopes and words across to people around us. But many of them return undelivered to us as the receiver’s minds refuse to accept them. One such cry of hope from a daughter’s heart which unfortunately was returned undelivered:

A New Beginning

This post was not planned at all. I had written this story long time back for some magazine and was in double minds of sharing it here. But today's Satyamev Jayate's episode made me change my mind. Just shut the TV off and literally ran to my PC to post this story. Here's my ode to all the survivors of child sexual abuse. Disclaimer : This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect identities. Please forgive me as this post is a bit lengthy.

LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 4

The story so far: Part ~ 1 | Part ~ 2   | Part ~ 3 The story ahead:

I wish..

If wishes were horses; I would wish the world would not be a circus where the fun is at other persons expenses. Rather it would be a funfair were we all enjoy and have fun hopping from one ride to the other.

Care and Concern ~ This week


Random Thoughts

After the initial euphoria, everything seems to lose its charm suddenly. You do something new in your life and you are excited about it for a while. But then after sometime the same thing looks dreary to you and you yearn for change. You meet someone, sparks fly and you conclude you are in love. After being in the relationship for some time you suddenly realize that the relationship lacks the charm it had initially. The spark is gone and it now becomes a burden for you to carry around. It is said that,” Change is the only thing constant in life”, but does this hold true even for relationships? And if it is so, then why do we say Love is forever? Change is perhaps the eternal truth of our lives. If we are scared of changing we are scared of living. Everything changes. We change, with age the way we look changes, our tastes change, our thoughts and beliefs change, with various inventions and discoveries the world around us has changes. The best part is despite all these changes

LOVE – A mystery ~ Part 3

The story so far: Part ~ 1 **** Part ~ 2 The story ahead:

Listen & Feel ~ This week


As you walk away.....

Every relationship has its own share of bitter sweet memories where we love, we fight, we argue, we make up and sometimes we part ways only to come back together again. There are some arguments which make our relationship stronger but then there are some which take us away from our loved ones. At such times we make various attempts to bring our loves ones back. One such attempt by me:

Dare to Bare