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Sweet Victory (55 fiction)

Tossing and turning in the bed she could hardly sleep that night. As the clock struck twelve she slowly got up and bent towards him as he lay next to her deep in sleep. Slowly she kissed him and said ‘ Happy Anniversary sweetheart ’ and smiled as she thought ‘ I won…. I wished him first’ . _@_@_@_@_

Analyze & Attempt ~ This week


Letting Go...

‘Make peace with your past so that it won’t spoil the present.’ Many a times we keep running away from the dark shadows of our past as we find it too difficult to bear with them. And then one day we magically gather the courage to face it. We are tired of running around and decide to bear with the consequences, whatever they are. It is very mysterious how we get the courage but after that we are no longer scared of anything. We are fearlessly staring into a beautiful tomorrow which is full of endless possibilities.  An endeavor to bid farewell to a painful past…as we need to let go of a few things in our life to create space for new and better things to enter.

Memories (Flash fiction)

“ He will love this ” she gushed as she finished laying the table. She had made all his favourite dishes today, after all it was his birthday. As a finishing touch she hid his gift under the napkin silently praying, ‘Hope he likes it .’  She turned to see the time when her glance fell on the nearby mantle piece. His photo adorned the mantle with fresh flowers lying besides. He loved fresh flowers and she never forgot to bring them every day. They always made her feel his presence around her but today they reminded her of his demise……two years ago. _@_@_@_@_

Accept & Adapt ~ This week


A small note of THANKS!

Someone up there has been very kind to Me and is showering His choicest blessings on Me.

I am busy - Chronicles of a jobless old man


Choose & Speak ~ This week


Diary of a daughter

A father- daughter's relationship is very beautiful.... to express which perhaps the words would fall short. Sharing glimpses of a diary where a daughter tries to capture the charisma she shares with her HERO ..... Source: Google Images

The Lone Warrior

“Battered and bruised I stand today, waiting for my last breath. I am left with nothing more, but there was a time when I had joys galore. My each nerve was bursting with energy as there was a new life on each of my branches.” Source: Google Images

The Return Gift- A short story

Dhairya’s mobile beeped. One new message received. He almost cursed the sender as he was busy finalizing a project report when he saw it was from Priyanka. It read: Though you sent the gift in advance – you could atleast wish me today !!

Compare & Improve ~ This Week


Once More!

Current Status : SUPER HAPPY!! Source: Google images

Simply Single [Re-post]

Recently I have seen many of my friends and collegues facing the heat due to the pressure of getting married. And yes it does bog you down beyond a limit. So, here I am re-posting one of my earliest posts to bring a smile back on their faces. Remember, don't let the heat burn you down, rather roast some corn knobs on that heat, turn on some music and call Me in to enjoy the rains together!

The Death of a dream (Flash Fiction)

Last night was the final nail in the coffin Julie thought. She had put up enough with his philandering ways and abusive behavior. She could not cope with it any more. She packed her bags as she finally decided to call it quits. She turned back to see what she was leaving behind one last time. She saw a decade of memories lying scattered across. She recognized few things that were strewn all over - violent days, sleepless nights, broken heart, shattered dreams and crumpled hope. Not able to face the debris any further she closed the door and left. =*=*=*=*=*=*=