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Random Thoughts

In life having met some good people and some bad people, I feel that every individual has a lesson to teach. Its like a story which begins with "Once upon a time" and ends with a moral. But somewhere down the lane, the morals are forgotten and so are the stories leaving only blank pages for new ones to be written again!!

Random Thoughts

I dont understand when after a bitter experience people say I cant love anymore or I cant trust anyone again. Meeting someone wrong in your life is like selecting a bunch of grapes out which few turned out to be sour. The question is - Do you stop eating grapes after that??

The mystery called Marriage

For me marriage has always been mystery waiting to unfold. The more I try to unveil it the more it seems to shy away from me.
For a girl it all starts since the day she is born. She is brought up with one gnawing fact to be accepted – Her marriage. Her every act is somehow connected to her marriage. Look beautiful. Study well. Be good at household things. All this and more only for a nice groom.
And then she is put up for display once she attains the marriageable age. Near and dear ones are told about her exceptional cooking skills, her loving and caring nature and not to forget her exemplary educational abilities. Not for once does anyone thing that she might not be all this but has been made like this just to ensure that she is married at the right time to the right person.
Its sounds so hilarious – you can’t laugh out aloud, you can’t display your opinion on any matter, and you can’t sleep till late on Sundays after slogging for the entire week both at home and at office. Some wacky l…

Forgive, forget and move on………..

To err is human~ to forgive divine…………..”In my childhood when I had heard this saying for the first time I had concluded that making mistakes in human and forgiving is next to Godliness.
Gradually as I grew up I realized how difficult it is actually to forgive and be forgiven. After being through a series of hurt hurting others I finally concluded that forgiveness is actually divine. Listening someone say “I forgive you” & Telling someone “You are forgiven
These two statements sound so magical to listen; as if a huge burden has been removed from the heart.
But how often do we actually follow it? There are so many instances in life when people hurt us and we are unable to forgive them. And even if we forgive them for the sake of it, we are unable to move on from the incident. It is like an attempt to connect broken pieces of a porcelain cup where though connected, the cracks are clearly visible.
On the other hand when we commit a mistake we expect the other person to understand and forg…

Random Thoughts

Whenever in doubt, think about the possibility of it not happening at all. You will come to know what will result in more losses and that will make the decision easy for you!!!

Truly In Dependence

All of us are in love with our independence. And after we start earning it’s like an added bonanza. Living in different cities away from parents, taking care of ourselves, managing expenses we feel we have made it in life and can be termed as “Independent”. We feel we are survivors and can manage things on our own.
Till yesterday I also belonged to the same school of thought only to realize how wrong we all are…!
No living person is independent….. Even if you abandon everything and go to stay on the mountains you still need the air to survive. You are dependent on that. You are not independent till you die” – said Osho. This quote of Osho was like a wake up call to me.
Thinking about it…it’s so true…. We are dependant on so many things in our life even when we feel we are independent. We need the milkman to deliver milk to our doorstep, the grocery shop owner to purchase our monthly groceries, the taxi driver, the auto driver, the bus driver, the dabbawala…. The list is endless. From th…

All for caring companionship!

Companionship is one of the prime reasons why we all should marry. But are we ready for that? The current world has made all of us so individualistic that we want our opinions to be heard and views to be respected but we don’t want to do the same in return. We want our say to retain our identity but we don’t respect others for the same. In short we need someone who is dependable, obedient and gracious.

Oops...Wait. Did it just spell D-O-G???

Interesting thought; I think we all need just exactly that. We are going through all this for the sake of companionship. And who could be better than a DOG as a companion. Just think of the benefits of having a dog in your life:
No matter whatever screaming or fighting happens in the morning, when you return back home in the evening your dog will definitely come running towards you.Whenever you are angry and screaming; your dog will just look at you with those puppy eyes and moan in response.When you instruct your dog to do something or even say G…

Random Thoughts

Due to my current job profile I get a chance to interact with lot of youngsters. Though I myself am not very old but I find it apt to address them as "Youngsters".

A small conversation with them makes me feel I am ancient and belong to the medieval times!!

I agree life keeps on moving at a fast pace and you have to actually keep running fast to keep up with the speed. But it seems as if I have run out of breadth  and fell out of the race. My first thought is always "I was not like this when I was their age."

A few decades difference in age and views between us and our parents is known as Generation gap. What do you term this less than a decade age gap and difference in views?

Hail the technology and development!!

From there to here to where?

April 2003:Your self esteem is too high. This will definitely make you fall someday very badly.” April 2009: You have no self respect. You let people trample your feelings. You are like puppy who just whines and wimps but doesn’t react to anything.”
Two different statements with meanings which are poles apart for the same person
ME” Sounds weird??? But it’s true!!!
One was from an ex-friend [I somehow like that term as we are no longer friends – this was her last conversation with me. P.S: Just to clarify it was she who chose not to talk to me and not the other way round.] The other was from one of my previous superiors. :) This is the only expression that comes to my mind recollecting both the instances making me wonder which one is true. I can’t help bursting into giggles because apart from these two bitter pills I have never come across to such a feedback. There are so many questions which come to my mind:
Does it mean that I have grown as a person and improved or have I deteriorated?

Dos and Don’ts of handling an ineffective boss [Part 2]

Having such people at your work place is unavoidable and there is no thumb rule to deal with them. But there are always a set of Do’s and Don’ts which make dealing with them easier. Do’s Respect them for 2 things – their age and position. They definitely would have done something [whether that ‘something’ was good or bad is a separate issue altogether] to be where they are. And therefore need to be respected because they did something different from what you do.Always be particular about your work – be it planning, execution, managing or submission. Remember that at the end of day no matter whatever they do, however they behave they still remain our boss which gives them an invincible power to do mistakes and get away with it. Not everyone is so lucky!Be honest and genuine in giving compliments – I am sure there is something good in everyone for us to learn.Take proper precaution to safe guard yourself in all the situations. Come whateve…