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Metro Diaries : The Ordinary Love Story

Today, I want to tell the story of Sapna. A girl who true to her name, existed in a dream world of her own or to put it correctly, continues to exist. Since the age of 10, she harbored a huge crush on Shahrukh Khan. One summer afternoon, as she sat staring at the television screen displaying Shahrukh Khan trying to reach heroine's window by climbing a wall, her heart skipped a beat.

Diary of a lost wanderer : Wanted - Dead OR Alive

** Trigger Alert : Suicide, self harm, depression, gas lighting, toxic childhood, abuse ** Dear Diary, Tonight I am unable to stop. The toxic taste refuses to leave my mouth. I tried everything. I gargled with Listerine at least half a dozen times. Since that fateful moment I have consumed more than 4 packets of chewing gum but to no avail. I am writing this sitting in the bathroom. I am scared I will puke anytime and I don't want to risk Mamma's wrath yet again. Since morning she is so angry with me. I don't have it in me to fight with her one more time.

Random : On Children's Day

Not many moons ago, my healer had told me that my inner child was misplaced and that was the cause for a lot of emotional upheavals I was experiencing. She told me I had abandoned her when she needed me the most and that now I need to cajole her to believe in me, again.  Picture (C) Privy Trifles

Random : Evenings

' It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream .'- Bern Williams Picture (C) Privy Trifles