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Share & Realise ~ This week


When God said AMEN

This is the true story of one of my closest friends and confidants. I tried narrating it in the third person but I felt that stole its charm. So I have narrated this sweet love story in the first person as if she was narrating it to us. The beauty of this story is that it inspires us to dream and believe that someday our dreams will come true.

Hopeful Heart

Source: Google Images Yet again I am lonely today; Holding onto the colourful memories of the past, I try to find a tiny flicker of hope buried somewhere deep inside. The waves & shore play a game of touch & go,  and the grey clouds darken the horizon Tears blur my eyes as I tighten my grip. ‘ Let go ’ my heart screams – my mind refuses to hear its cries and continues to be in a self denial. How soon the wheels of time turn…. It was just yesterday that I was surrounded by the warm rays, And today this breeze sends chills down my spine. Hope is all that I am left with now as I close my eyes. Clutching my hopes tightly I send a silent prayer to Him to feel the warmth once again. This post has been published in Kaleidoscope magazine's December issue . 

Weird Love (Flash Fiction)

‘ Ouch…cant you do this a little bit slowly... .’ he winced in pain. She glared at him in anger and retorted, ‘ Why don’t you do things slowly? It seems as if you enjoy these accidents .’ He smiled impishly, ’No. I enjoy having you fussing over me like this; anything to bask in this attention ’. One look in his eyes and all her doubts vanished. Despite everything he said yesterday she was sure how important she was to him.  ‘ Love is so weird’ , she thought, ‘Last night we were mad at each other and today we are mad for each other. ’ _@_@_@_@_@_

Weekend Surprise!

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see an award from Nagini, who blogs at A Homemaker'sUtopia.   I came across her blog through Indiblogger and have loved her creativity a lot. She is an avid reader and writes interesting book reviews. But the most beautiful part about her blog is her paintings. She has presented me with: Now typical to my nature I was curious about this award and googled about it.Here's what I found out: Liebster is a German word meaning Dearest or Beloved, it can also mean Favorite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to upcoming bloggers (with fewer than 200 followers) in order to create new connections and bring attention to wonderful growing blogs.   I was truly touched after reading this explanation.It feels nice and encouraging to be appreciated by your fellow bloggers Thank you so much Nagini for this honour, you just made my weekend  !!.

Need & Trust ~ This week


The Stain of Love ( Final Part) - A short story

The story so far: Part ~ 1 The story ahead:

Hope & Worry ~ This week


A special birthday wish ~ From Me to you

Today, someone very special in my life celebrates her birthday. This post is my birthday gift for her.

The Stain of Love ( Part – 1) - A short story

It was a peaceful Monday morning. Peaceful because my husband and two kids were at their respective office and schools and I had some few hours to myself before the running around began once again once they returned from school. I decided to do some spring cleaning in the house as Durga Puja was nearing and this was topping my to-do list.  I was dusting the shelves in my living room when a photograph on the nearby shelf caught my eye. I took it in my hands and moved my fingers on it trying to feel it. Boudi looked so pretty in this saree , I thought. I laughed as thought again ’this saree’ . My mind raced back some 15 years back in time remembering the story behind this saree.

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I do

Source: Google Images P.S: This post has been removed as it has been selected to be a part of a book.

LOVE – A mystery ~ Final

The story so far: Part ~ 1 | Part ~ 2   | Part ~ 3   | Part~4    | Part~5   | Part ~ 6 The story ahead:

Learn & Loss ~ This week


Exhumed Expressions