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Random Thoughts

Life is a like a bottle of champagne!!! When you hold it in your hands, what you see is a beautiful bottle full of sparkling water...bubbling...waiting to burst open revealing all that's inside. But if after shaking the bottle the cork is not opened properly the bubbles fizzle out. In the same way life has got so many beautiful secrets for us to unveil every day every moment. The secret of unveiling it is in our hands so that the magic is still retained even after opening of the bottle. Wishing you loads and loads of bubbles full of happiness in your life!!

Pssss….ttt……. A secret!!

My room is my haven. There hidden beneath all my clothes and books is my most cherished treasure. On the first sight they seem like 3 small cardboard boxes coloured black, red and white respectively. On close observation you will see all of them are labeled; the black one as “ Trash can ”, the red one “ FYA can ” and the white one “ FYI can ”. If you open any of these boxes you will find small notes inside them. The reason why I call them my most cherished treasure is because they help me lead a stressful life. Wondering how?? This is the secret – The trash can consists of things which are of no importance. The FYA can has things which need to be acted upon.  And the FYI can has things which can’t be helped on. They are just for my knowledge, know about it and leave it. Whenever I face any problem or I am in dilemma, I categorize it as any one of the above and thereafter its cakewalk. Incase it’s into Trash can its useless, FYA then I need to do something about and incase FYI then