Tonight, my soul smells like you. 

It takes me those winter afternoons when we watched the movie called life through our rose tinted glasses and laughed at our dreams. That song which held our secrets is no longer hidden. And our story, well that is still being written. 

Random: Coping with loss

Coping with loss can be extremely sensitive as a topic to both write or talk about to someone. This loss need not be only related to romantic relationships, it could also be the loss of a dream, a job, a project, a pet, a promotion etc.

Metro Diaries : The Ordinary Love Story

Today, I want to tell the story of Sapna. A girl who true to her name, existed in a dream world of her own or to put it correctly, continues to exist. Since the age of 10, she harbored a huge crush on Shahrukh Khan. One summer afternoon, as she sat staring at the television screen displaying Shahrukh Khan trying to reach heroine's window by climbing a wall, her heart skipped a beat.

Diary of a lost wanderer : Wanted - Dead OR Alive

**Trigger Alert : Suicide, self harm, depression, gas lighting, toxic childhood, abuse**

Dear Diary,
Tonight I am unable to stop. The toxic taste refuses to leave my mouth. I tried everything. I gargled with Listerine at least half a dozen times. Since that fateful moment I have consumed more than 4 packets of chewing gum but to no avail.
I am writing this sitting in the bathroom. I am scared I will puke anytime and I don't want to risk Mamma's wrath yet again. Since morning she is so angry with me. I don't have it in me to fight with her one more time.

Random : On Children's Day

Not many moons ago, my healer had told me that my inner child was misplaced and that was the cause for a lot of emotional upheavals I was experiencing. She told me I had abandoned her when she needed me the most and that now I need to cajole her to believe in me, again. 

Random : Evenings

'It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.'- Bern Williams

Lost Voices (Micropoem)

Some days it is important to say it all, But nobody ever told us of a day when you will no longer be heard. You will scream. You will cry. You will speak up all that had been burning in your heart. Your embers will refuse to spark. Your voice will not reach any heart or pierce any soul.

The Winning Loser

The morning rays filtered through the window as I took the last bite of my lavish Sunday brunch. Ah! Don't get any ideas. I am a lazy bum. Sundays for me are days to laze, more than the weekdays. I get up later than usual and cook something which serves the purpose of both breakfast and lunch.