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Yaadon ka Karkhana # 2 - Movies & Magic

2017 was the year I spent most of the time lying in my bed. One after another several health issues kept hitting, rendering my unable to do anything much except sleep and mop around in bed. While I did spend most of it shedding copious tears, but once I was bored of doing that I decided to watch movies. Because holding books at times is an effort, music seems like noise and you feel like staring at something on the screen which distracts you from your current surroundings. After books if there is anything that has the magical power to tele-transport you, then it has to be movies.

Confessions Diary (Flash Fiction)

Image Source: It's been more than a year I have been writing these confessions and it somehow feels very therapeutic. Starting from my addictions to all the fist fights at the college, writing them down has helped me see myself in a different light.

From the attic of memories ~ Day # 6 (On survival)

2009 Wake up Sid had released. As a movie it was dreamy and as a concept it felt so close to heart. I had set my foot in Mumbai for the first time as a child and had fallen in love with this city of dreams. 2004, I was back to this city. This time as an adult for an interview which was typically my first solo trip ever. This city has remained to me what I like to call my first love. You might break up and go however far you want, but there is a strange solace that you experience only here. In the next few years I was making frequent work trips to this magical city and every trip added more smiles to my dreary existence.  My love for Mumbai was what made this movie special because Mumbai is the narrator of this story. I have always believed this city breathes and this movie makes me hear its heartbeats in those tiny stories that come together to define Mumbai, a city with a heart. The most amazing part of this movie for me has to be the beautiful house Konkana Sen Sharma is

Inspired Inscribes ~ 38

Image Source: Pinterest There is a story hidden within each one of us. Waiting to be told, carefully hidden behind those cracks and crevices. It beckons you from those dark deep corners... especially in those long nights, ones that are lonely and scary.

Hello anxiety!

**( Trigger Warning: Anxiety attack / Panic attacks )** Image Source: Link In a recent conversation with a friend, I realized how living with anxiety is somehow in-describable in words. So this is an attempt to do that!