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r L ife is all about relationships………..Beautiful, entertaining and invigorating relationships. Relationships give us a sense of emotional bonding with one another. They are the threads that bind us together. And we give a name to these threads: Friends, Lovers, Parents, Spouse, Grandparents, Brother, Sister……… And the list is endless.  It seems surprising that we play so many roles in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we are so entangled within ourselves that with the passage of time these threads fade. They do exist, but only for the sake of existence. We are too busy to acknowledge their existence.  And over a period of time, these threads fade away, loose their sheen, colour, shine and most importantly its strength. Just like any other old and useless commodity they will be thrown away or tucked in some dark unknown corner of our hearts!! With the passage of time, one day when those threads are tugged, there is a downpour of vivid memories and emotions. Have you ever thought wh

25 Most Beautiful Moments of Life

1.       Clearing your last exam 2.       Getting your first job 3.       Your first pay check [ suddenly makes you feel all grown up and responsible] 4.       Being surrounded by true friends who accept you as you are 5.       Meeting a very old friend after ages and realizing that nothing has changed 6.       Waking up early in the morning and realizing you could sleep for some more time 7.       Seeing your loved one smile and knowing you are the reason behind that smile 8.       Living your dream and having a “THIS IS IT” feeling 9.       Finding something just at the moment when you had thought that you had lost it forever 10.   The smell of air after it rains 11.   To love and being loved in return 12.   Curling up on your bed with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day! 13.   Feeling the first drops of rain 14.   Getting nostalgic and visiting old places to know you are still remembered 15.   Accidentally laying hands on your childhood stuff and trying to

A lesson in humanity.

There is an elderly security guard at my work place. I am on very good terms with him and we talk very often. Though on and off I had come across incidents where I would find him calling an ambulance for an injured dog lying on the road or sharing his lunch with the street kids some afternoon. I didn’t know that someday I would look upto him as an epitome of humanity. Every morning he comes to greet me at my desk and we exchange pleasantries. One day when he came to my desk in the morning, he was exceptionally happy. I could make that out from his face. Before I could ask him the reason for the same, he immediately told me that his eldest son is engaged to be married in next month. I congratulated him and then he started telling me about his would-be-daughter-in-law. That’s when I came to know that his would-be-daughter-in-law belonged to a different religion. Given the fact that he himself was a very religious person it was very obvious for me to ask if he was happy with this match.

Random thoughts

"Dont be a creeper....clinging for support in life.Be a strong tree -  STAND TALL FOR YOURSELF!! "

Random thoughts

"When life tries to push you down - JUST BE A SPRING. The harder circumstances push you - the more forcefully you come back!! "

Random thoughts

" Most of the issues/matters in life are like rubber bands. We seem to keep on stretching them...applying all our strength and suddenly they go SNAP!!!!.....hurting our fingers and sometimes snapping under pressure. The more we pull the more harder it hurts. We should leave them the way they avoid any hurt to any one ."

Random thoughts

" Every closed door need not mean a closed opportunity. It could also be an unexplored opportunity! "


Life changes so many things for you specially your perspective towards everything around you including yourself.  Despite its bitter sweet avataar LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. is. The most beautiful thing ever.  Just don’t try to own it. The moment you do that, it will bite you real hard……………. Believe me!!

The REAL meaning ? ?

Sometimes I wonder how life can be so harsh........When I look at people around me I feel is this ugly facet of life for real ????  In that case how can life be called beautiful ??? Why that is everyone needs to see this side of life to appreciate the good things that come their way???  Is this what Darwin meant by “survival of the fittest”??? Does everyone really need to go through all this to become “strong”?? Is this the real meaning of LIFE .....???

Changing faces

Life changes its faces so frequently that sometimes it’s difficult to recognize it. Many times it shows you such different forms that it’s difficult to understand the message which is being conveyed. And by the time you are able to decipher the meaning it has already changed the message.It is full of surprises. Just the time you thought you have started getting a hang of it -  It springs up another surprise leaving you wondering.

10 things I learnt from my friends

[ 1 ] Never say DIE - When the going gets tough – the tough gets going. We all have been through lives ups and downs in our own unique way but that has never stopped us from enjoying every moment of life as it comes . This is what I have learnt from you all – I salute your courage for smiling and facing life so bravely ! [ 2 ] Trust your friends -  With you all by my side – trust has never been a problem. We all have at some point of time trusted each other with our deepest secrets and it has always been between the two of us…. ! [ 3 ] Never carry a grudge – Sometimes we all say things we don’t mean, do stuff we don’t intend unknowingly. But the best thing is we all manage to let go of all such things, never carry a grudge  and still manage to be the bestest of friends possible ..Always ! [ 4 ] Distances don’t matter - We all have been in different cities, handling hectic jobs which most of the time don’t leave us with time for meeting, chatting or hanging around. We also find

What is Life?

At some point in life we all have surely pondered over this question. The answer to this is put across very simply by one of the forward messages I came across today –  Life is beautiful * *Conditions apply So simply put across....yet so true!!! ============================================================================

Life – An enigma

Once in a day we all seem to question life. Most of us wonder how to change our existing life and make it better. As if our lives are lacking something always.  We always seem to be wanting more. More from everything. More love, more attention. More money, more freedom, more luxuries and the list is endless. Have we ever paused once and thought about giving more? Give more love, give more attention, give more money, give more freedom etc etc.

Demystifying true love - 4

Demystifying Love - 1 | 2 | 3 The best relation is the one in which you feel free to share even your weakest side and still have the faith that it will strengthen your relationship. The most wonderful thing would be finding someone who knows all your mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you are PERFECT!! True love waits, cherishes, understands and is unconditional. It considers its partner to be gift from the heavens and is always grateful to God for being so kind. True love is about loving the person for what he is, with everything what we have. A person whom you love can never make you complete.  Only two complete people make a complete relationship. Incomplete individuals can never have a fulfilling relationship. When someone makes you feel complete, means you are not complete yourself. And in such relationships you keep on losing yourself bit by bit, piece by piece. Source: Google Images To expect someone to fall in love with you, you need to be in lo

Demystifying true love - 3

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Demystifying true love - 2

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Demystifying true love - 1

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Sometimes all that life seems to be is a running race – from one check post to another. In between we laugh, we cry, we fall, we get up to start running again. At some check posts we win, at some we lose. Some one runs ahead of us making us want to run faster, and sometimes we are happy when we triumph ahead of others. Amidst all this confusion, there is so much happening that we don’t realize the milestones we have cleared. We are just busy running the race- chasing one milestone after the other. Just sit back and think – Is there one moment of triumph you remember where you felt euphoric???? Feeling you have given your best irrespective of the output? Did you celebrate the moment when the result was splendid??? Thinking about it, you might be able to remember a few. But did you really live that moment. Did you enjoy that euphoria of giving your best shot and winning? It need not be something really big or miraculous. It can be something as small as faring well in a test

Simply Single

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Happy Womens Day

Today, the 100th International Womens Day seems to be the perfect day to begin my blog.Today millions of people around the world would have celebrated the strength of a woman. Over a period of time the importance of Womens Day has gradually increased. From the earlier times when it was totally unheard of, today we find newspaper ads offering discounts to celebrate women day/weeks/ month. The status of women in India has definitely changed to a very large extent over the past few decades. I would like to quote one of the forward  messages I received today here: Almost everyday of LIFE is very special because a truly beautiful person that is YOU is a part of it. We don't need one day a year to realize this, but there is no harm in having just another reason to celebrate!!!  "Wishing you all lovely ladies a very HAPPY WOMEN S DAY!!! " Lets all of us vow today to make everyday International Woman's day and treat ourselves specially because We are special and We