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The A to Z of simplifying LIFE

A   Always be hopeful; no matter how worst the circumstances get. B      Be kind to everyone C    Call your friends, loved ones and family members regularly D    Dance to every little tune that life keeps on playing for us. E   Enjoy every moment that comes your way F     Follow your heart G     Give- more hugs, more love, more happiness!! H   Hug your loved ones more often I       Indulge in things that you love to do J   Jeer at life when it is trying to scare you by making weird faces!! K     Keep loving everything around you in life. The world is very beautiful! L     Learn something new daily M    Make the first move always – in fights, in love, in friendship and in hugs!! N   Never carry a grudge. O    Omit all the bad memories from the past P     Push harder when life seems to be pushing you down Q    Quit things which harm you. R     Remember to be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life. S      Smile more T   Trust your instincts U     Understand the

Random Thoughts

The 3 Important As of life: Absorb – Absorb every learning that comes your way. Every incident good or bad has some lesson hidden in it. Mistakes teach you how to avoid them in future and success teaches you to remember the hard work that went behind it. Adapt – Adapt to all the changes that life brings along. Aspire – Keep aspiring – it’s what keeps the fire burning.

Random Thoughts

I feel most of things in life boil down to only one thing – WANT. We do most of things because we want something or the other. Generally the fulfillment of a want denotes happiness, but in our case it denotes the beginning of another want leading to another and another. It’s a never ending vicious circle of wants which ultimately leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction. But then the question remains was satisfaction what we wanted when we began? If yes, then the fulfillment of want should have given us that. If not, then why dissatisfaction??

Can anyone tell me….WHY???

Why are some hopes broken beyond repair; Why are some dreams so full of despair. Why does the heart still cry for someone who has gone beyond reach;  Why don’t we see what life has got to teach. Why does a glimmer of hope seem to be a mirage;Why to face the reality we need so much courage. Why can’t we just smile and move on; Why does the mourning continue to go on. Why do we need a person to rely; Why don’t we spread our wings and fly. Why don’t we see the world beckoning us with arms spread so wide;  Why do we keep looking for covers to hide. Why are we surrounded by “well wishers” in disguise; Why don’t we just dust the clothes and rise. Why don’t we see the world in bright new lights; Why don’t we take ourselves to newer heights. Why are the colours of life so fake; Why can’t we just live it all for our own sake. Why does the hurt ache so much; Why can’t we cure it with a Midas touch. Bring out the colours to paint the sky; “Live the life of your dreams”-

In search

I began a quest- a search for myself. I travelled the memory lanes of childhood in vain. Couldn’t help but feel the pain. The pain of having to leave it soon. A search through my adolescence years revealed the more broken aspects of my life. When I tried to see a brighter future- All  could see was a path strewn with darkness. I let out a sigh ------- and asked myself WHY?? Why is it that whenever I try searching for myself I end up getting only darkness and pain as an answer WHY???

THE WORLD – Then & Now

What is the world? A child would say – a ball, An aspiring youth will say – a vast place of opportunities. An adult would say – the birthplace of various technologies. An old man would say – a globe of experiences. But I would define it as a cobweb where everyone is entangled in some problem or the other! Everyone is unhappy --- Some with money, some without money. Some with job, some without job. Some with love, some without love. Some with everything, some without everything. I remember the joyous days of primitive life. Life of ignorance, But still life full of happiness, Man’s progress has brought jealousy, hatred and other such evils with it, Real happiness has been lost amidst all these! “Survival of the fittest” has become “survival of the richest”! Money, money everywhere, Happiness happiness no where! Now tell me --- “What is the world?”

Random Thoughts

When we were small and we were asked what do we want to be in life, we had such various answers like a doctor, engineer, pilot, teacher etc etc. Today when we are asked what do we want to be in life, most of us would have only one answer; " HAPPY " ........

I wonder......WHY???

Why is there so much hatred with so little love? Why are there more reasons to cry with so few to laugh? Why is there so little joy against so much pain? Why do we give so much hurt and so less hugs? Why do we see less of generosity against all the greed? Why are we all surrounded with shattered hopes than beautiful dreams? Why are we carrying the burden of a turbulent past rather than the flame of a hopeful tomorrow? Why are we scared of death than enjoying life? Why are we so busy in our lives than cherishing every moment? Why are we sick and tired of things and not happy and hopeful about them? Why do we want and not need? Why are we so much in despair and not hopeful? Why do we hate so many and love so few? Why do we cling to others rather than standing up for ourself? Why do we die even before we are dead and not live when we are alive?

Random Thoughts

When I was a child, everytime we went out for our "ice cream outings" I used to be very excited about the new flavours I would get to eat there. And on reaching the destination (Ice cream parlour) taking my own sweet time to finalize my flavour. But by the time the ice cream was in my hand, I always ended up feeling that every body elses' ice cream flavours seemed to be more better than mine. However much of cajoling or convincing by my parents wouldn't make me change my mind. Today life seems so much like that to me.Just a few moments back I was looking at other people's lives and wondering how lucky they are to have such plain, simple and happy lives.I would do anything to have such uncomplicated lives. And suddenly I thought, "Ewwww....!!!"No.....I would never trade my favourite sundae full of nuts, chocolate sauce, jelly and wafers with a plain vanilla ice cream for anything in this world.NEVER!!! I like my ice cream like that...crunchy-sweet-sour-

10 things to learn from Mahi Way- 2

6. Love what you do and give you BEST to it. Remember the episode when Mahi has to become a Bobo (Hippo Aunty) in a children’s show because she needs a job. She excelled even in that, though there were initial stages where she felt embarrassed about her job and outfit. But she made the show a huge success. Just the way she became a fav with the agony aunt advices she poured out to her readers. That’s the way to go….just give everything you do your 100 % effort and you will enjoy doing that even more. 7. Never let people’s opinion about you matter. How can we forget the wonderful co-workers Mahi had for company at her workplace. They couldn’t get enough of Mahi., constantly bickering at her, chiding her and poking fun of her. But that didn’t deter Mahi’s will to enjoy her job and reach out to her thousands of readers with her wonderful personalized advices. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. As long as they think of you!!! 8. Perfecting the art of IMPERFECTION – The word

10 things to learn from Mahi Way

So, guys and gals presenting the 10 thing's we could learn from Mahi’s Way to ensure we keep on smiling forever!! 1. Stand by your friends come whatever may. Through thick and thin, they are the ones who will be there for you and help you find the positive side when things go wrong. 2. Be proud of what you are and as you are. Hold your head high, take a deep breath and then step out in the sun gals. [Remember the confidence with which Mahi carries herself in front of all those fashion fiestas!!] You are what you are. You have the right to dress up, look beautiful and deserve all the good things in the world as much as anybody else does. So what are you waiting for???? 3. Family fundas - Its all about loving your family which includes Dadi, Bua, Ma, papa, Sister, brother, Jiju, niece and any one else remotely closer to sharing the set of parents / siblings as yours. Family after all is the only place you can run to at any time without any thoughts of “what would they think?”

About Mahi Way

Mahi Way is a popular teleserial on Sony Entertainment television based on the life of a 25 ½ years old single girl named Mahi Talwar (Yes….she prefers being called that only!!!!).Amidst the usual highs and lows of life are a few wonderful underlying messages which can be implemented by us to ensure our lives is clutter free.  Wondering what is clutter free? Well, excess baggage of emotions, worry, concern, guilt etc etc create unnecessary clutter in our lives. And to be happy we need to get rid of all the things which are useless and unimportant. For the non-followers of this serial, Mahi is a typical girl next door Punjabi girl based in Delhi who works as an agony aunt is a fashion magazine. Surrounded by over jealous co-workers and a Miranda Priestly types boss she still manages to excel at her job.  She shares a love- hate relationship with her Mom, who in turn always seems to find ways and means to get her married to the next available Punjabi Munda. For her siblings sh

Random thoughts

Remember : In life you are a LONE WARRIOR. If you win you will have thousands to share your accolades with; but if you lose you are all alone. " Fight your own battle - For yourself - WIN - For your own self "

Dare to Dream!!

“ We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” - Louisa May Alcott There is a dreamer in all of us, hidden somewhere, deep inside, waiting quietly for the night to come to take over our senses. Dreams have different meanings for all of us – Fantasies, aspirations, desires, ambitions etc. They are made up of our vivid imagination resulting into different ideas or images when we are asleep. But most of the times they end up being the fuel for us to chase something in our life. AUGUST STRINDBERG has very truly said in A Madman's Defense, “ I dream, therefore I exist.” We all exist because of our capability to dream. Our dreamlands are the place where we can be ourselves, imagine ourselves doing things we might not do in real life as we don’t have any fear of being ridiculed upon there. Set yourself free to dream – Be the dream and be the achievement of the dream that i

The magic of “Friendship” - 2

“ Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born .” – Anais Nin Somewhere at some point in life, we all need someone with whom we can be ourselves. Share our deepest, darkest secrets, lives, thoughts, fears, dreams, hopes, aspirations, frustrations, happiness and pain. Friends lend us that patient ear and a dependable shoulder. Not having a confidant in our life is like being at the mercy of life – standing all alone to face any troubles that life has got to offer. We tend to spend most of our time with our “friends”. They can vary from being a college class mate to a colleague, an acquaintance to a best friend. In the process of spending time together while at work or otherwise we tend to share a part of our lives with each other, creating beautiful memories which last a lifetime. Memories full of laughter, fun, frolic, tears, silly jokes, giggles, colourful dreams and gullible secrets. “ Frien

The magic of “Friendship”.

FRIENDS …………….Who are they??? A person whom we know, we like, we trust and are attached to by feelings of affection. Someone who will cheer us when we are down, motivate us when we are low, challenge us when we are losing, hold us tightly when life seems to be falling apart and support us when things go wrong. In this fast and selfish world we meet some people who touch our souls in a special way and we are never ever the same again. I call these special people “friends”. Buddy, Chum, Pal, BFF, Ally, dost, yaar…call them with any name. The essence remains the same, that of an affable person. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts to the mankind. Friends come in different shapes and sizes (PUN intended!!). Friendship is like water. It can take any shape or form and flow freely from our hearts. And friends are the channel of love and affection. They enrich our lives and make us feel trusted, loved, accepted, respected and cared for. With a friend by your side you can be the “ real YOU

Random thoughts

99% of people in your life are with some selfish motive.1% are self less in being with you. Because of those 99% - don't doubt the sanctity of that 1% !!

Random thoughts

Why is that despite a 1000 honest attempts to help people are forgotten easily the moment there is a single "NO"as a reply for any help ?


There seems to be so much confusion in this world: To love or to not love To laugh or to not laugh To say or to not say To want or to not want To ask or to not ask To do or to not do To give or to not give To have or to not have To cry or to not cry To hold or to let go To try or to not try To punish or to forgive To live or not to live To be or to not be