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Way to heart (Flash Fiction)

 **Trigger Warning - Domestic Violence, Abuse ** Picture (C)  Sydney Sims   @fairytailphotography Kalpana lay there motionless long after Rajiv had left the room. Her mind went back to the time when it had all started. It was just a few days after their marriage. All the guests had left and it was only them now. Kalpana was nervous yet excited as she made preparations for breakfast that morning. She carefully laid out the table having made everything of his choice – the way he liked it. She remembered her mother and aunts telling her “ The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach .” How many pains had her mother taken to ensure she learnt to cook all types of delicacies! Though a little bit unnerving for her at the beginning she, later on, realized that any task done with love got returned with love. Hence she had consciously made an effort to know Rajiv’s favourite dishes and learnt them very nicely.