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Moments (Flash Fiction)

Tears welled up in her eyes as Hetal looked at her house one last time. ‘ My house…. ’ She thought wearily and shuddered. Her entire life till now with all the beautiful moments spent there came alive before her eyes. ‘ Moments…… ’ she wondered ‘ that’s what they were…moments. ’  One moment they were all dancing with joy celebrating her brother’s success the other moment it was all over. One earth shattering moment took it all away; her house – her parents. The earthquake had wiped off their house from the face of this earth and now only a heap of ruins remained there.  खंडर बयाँ करते है की इमारत कितनी बुलंद थी  . Lo osely translated these lines mean : The ruins are a witness to the strength of the building that was. ~@~@~@~@~@~@~

Give & Gratify ~ This week


A suicide note

To no-one and everyone Source: Google Images

I am busy ~ Chapter 2


Intellect & Content ~ This week



Saying Good-bye is very painful , but sometimes that is the on ly option you are left with . Because as you look back you cannot recognize t he path that brought you here any more. The paths have changed , the have g oals changed and so mewhere ami dst all these, you have changed!

Just Jotting....

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Arranged Love - Final Part ( A short story)

S tory so far: Part 1 | Par t 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 The story ahead:

Arranged Love - Part 4 ( A short story)

Sto ry so far: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 The story ahead: 

Worth & Mind ~ This week


Arranged Love - Part 3 ( A short story)

Story so far : Part 1 | Part 2 The story ahead:

A reason to SMILE

Once in a while life gives you a fairy tale...... Source: Google Images ......As it gives you many reasons to smile.

Arranged Love - Part 2 (A short story)

Story so far: Part 1 The story ahead:

Arranged Love - Part 1 ( A short story)

' This colour suits me… ’ Koel thought as she admired herself in the mirror. The purple top complimented her wheatish complexion very nicely. It was 9 am and she was getting ready for the office. Her husband Siddharth had already left for work. A radio nearby was tuned to local FM blaring some song from the latest movie. ‘ Friends today is 20 th May aur hamare listeners’ jinka aaj janamdin hai woh…. ’ The RJ said on the radio.

Negate & Respect ~ This week


Dedicated to LIFE

Life is the greatest teacher in this world! This is the only teacher who takes an exam first and then teaches us the lesson rather than the conventional schools where we are taught first and then asked to give exams. Maybe this is what makes it more mystic and alluring. We might forget some of the things we are taught in the school, but we never forget what we learn in life through our own experiences.  Time and again there has been so much written on life but still it remains one of the biggest mysteries we have ever come across. The more you seem to know it the more enigmatic it becomes. It changes colours very frequently expecting us to keep up with its pace. Some of us are able to, while some of us lose out in the race. The age old Darwin’s theory of ‘ Survival of the fittest ’ still applies to it till date. Sometimes we chase it, and sometimes it chases us to make us reach our goals. So here’s to you- LIFE – Cheers!!  Source:  Google Images Wishing happy teac

I wish

If wishes were horses; I wish our real life could also be like our virtual life - Show only w hat we want to show, li ke t hings which we genuinely like, add friend / un-fri e nd someone wh enever we want to, block someone when things went out of contr ol, put h a ppy pictures there to make them believe what a happy life we are leading ....etc etc.

Trapped(55 fiction)

Fear gripped her heart as Maya looked at the masked people she was surrounded with. ’ Oh my God! What have I landed myself in! ’ she exclaimed. Before she could react one of those masked people gave her something after which she didn’t remember anything. Maya lay there helplessly as the doctors began her appendicitis surgery. =*=*=*=*=*=

Doubt & Admire ~ This week