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Just another bend


Diary of a Lost Wanderer ~ The art of Losing


Postcard from memories #25


Was & Is (Flash Fiction)

Source: Google Images I met today long after our story had ended. For a moment I could almost feel those strong arms around me hugging me tightly trying to shield me away from every trouble of this world. I could see that smile which my presence brought every time on his face and then suddenly I remembered what I have is memories of someone that he was... not of someone who he is. 

Confessions of a confused soul # 11: Redefining perfection

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Metro Diaries: The Celebration


Random Thoughts

It's been a while I made any new travel plans but everytime I see any of the pictures my heart does yearn for the unknown. It feels strange to see the sense of belonging a completely new place can give and the fresh smell in it's air which has the aroma of LIFE hanging around it. Those dingy lanes, friendly strangers and those open skies which beckon from every corner do seem tempting but as of now it is the HOME that beckons loud and clear. Home bound for a while before I spread my wings once again to fly towards a new sky!

Love: Microfiction

To understand what you mean to me you need to first understand what life means to a person who knows he is going to die soon!


Tonight as I retire into familiar walls I cannot help but listen to the stories all around. These walls have witnessed so much, some stolen kisses and secret glances....they have even heard some whispered secrets! Most importantly they have seen my anguish, the pain and the hurt in which I have spent nights shedding tears not of defeat but of helplessness. I hugged them just to say thanks for being there.

Trust: Microfiction

I would have perhaps known what love is if you would have meant it every time you said "I love you!"

Random Thoughts

At times in life you meet some people, fall in love with them and grow up making them a part of your life. Suddenly just like that they walk out of you life one fine day leaving you clueless. As neither you have any reasons to hate them nor can you stop loving them any more.