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Confessions of a confused soul: Heart on Skin

“A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye. As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition.”― V. Vale

Metro Diaries: Perpetuity


Diary of a Lost Wanderer:Lost

Dear Diary, 

Today it happened again; the same humdrum, the same voices, the same sounds and the same fear. As I sit here, huddled in a corner the voices just keep getting stronger and stronger. I wonder from what these voices get their strength from. The blames start pouring in after a while and the routine just gets a little lengthier today. 
Every time such things happen I get scared to an extent that it surpasses my fear of lizards, one of which is just staring at me from the ceiling just a few meters away from my hideout. And surprisingly it doesn’t freak me out, the way it usually does. Maybe it is the hatred mixed with fear that makes this possible; hatred so strong that at times I can smell it. I dislike that strong pungent odor that nauseates my senses.

Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Silent Whispers


The Pawn - Final part

In continuation to previous parts Part 1Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Later that night 10 pm, Aisha’s residence 
Aisha nursed a drink in her hands lying on the couch letting her mind go through each and every incident once again. It felt like a film being played in her mind on loop. The ringing of the doorbell broke her flow of thoughts making her get up to open the door. 
Hey….Beautiful” Jimmy’s gruff voice greeted her. 
“Cut the crap will you? And come in quickly.” Aisha said in an irritated tone. 
Dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans Jimmy oozed oomph. Towering at 6’1” he complimented Aisha’s demure looks perfectly with his chiseled features and toned body. Brushing past Aisha he strode in and plumped down comfortably on the couch. Helping himself with a drink he said, “Cheers sweetheart it is time for celebration now!” He raised the drink in a toast when he noticed the deranged expression on Aisha’s face. 
“Why are you in such a mood? What’s wrong with you now?”

The Pawn - Part 4

In continuation to Part 1 | Part 2Part 3

Unaware to both of them the investigative team head Shekhar was having a sleepless night as he tried to decipher all that had been decoded before him. It was a huge blunder on his team’s end to have named Aisha without cross verifying things and it could also lead to them losing their jobs. 
Thirty seven year old Shekhar Subramaniam had been heading the investigative team at Zeus for about half a decade now and never had such a thing happened in the past with him. He was known for his staunch beliefs and rigorous investigations. This whole incident baffled him beyond logic as to how could his whole team end up doing something so ludicrous. He was glad that in the end he had decided to apologize to Aisha, requesting for some more time for investigations albeit this time a bit more cautiously.

The Pawn - Part 3


The Pawn - Part 2


The Pawn - Part 1


Metro Diaries: The perfect symphony


Metro Diaries: The Wait


A Thing Called Forever

Today I was in your city. After all these years of fighting an internal battle I finally came there. I kept looking for you the moment I stepped in. Those dusty by lanes, crowded markets, tall rising buildings touching the sky, never ending lines of traffic, honking music all around - I just wanted one glimpse of those familiar looking eyes, those very eyes that had shown me so many beautiful dreams. As the day started I was very confident that by evening I will find you somewhere sitting quietly in a corner with your blue diary and a pen in hand waiting to conjure magic through your words. Every step I took was anticipation mixed with anxiety. The sun set today evening taking along a lot of my hopes. I could not find you. 

I wonder

Staring at the blue sky, I wonder what clouds are made up of?  Some dreams, some desires and loads of aspirations!  Clouds is what they seem, bubbles is what they are,  Bubbles of joy, bubbles of pain, and bubbles of love…  One touch and they go BOOM!  Life is after all a bubble,  Live, bubbly, bursting with energy. Inviting, alluring and enticing,  One look and you want to hear its secrets.  But one step closer and you see the fangs that come along with those secrets.  The question is are you willing to move ahead and burst that bubble, Letting out all that needs to be heard?