Yaadon ka Karkhana

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........... This is exactly I would have replied if someone were to ask to me Why and how do you write? Since the time I could remember I always existed in an imaginary world of my own. Even in my childhood I remember making all my toys sit in one row and then making stories with them as characters. I could play like that for hours together and not get bored as my imagination was endless. No wonder I was always made to stand up at get-together s and told to narrate some story. 

Somewhere along the lanes of life this quality began to gather dust as many unimportant things began to take important like studies, work etc etc. Couple of years ago I managed to rekindle that passion thanks to Mahi Way and the rest as they say is history. In the last 2 years that I have been blogging there have been some highs and lows here too. I have learnt the art of writing here and hence this place always remains special for me, for amidst these 400+ odd posts lies the journey of my life.

Like it is difficult for a mother to choose a favourite child of hers, it is extremely difficult for me to pinpoint on my favourite posts. (Yes!!! This blog is my first born, I had another one last year - and both of them are like my eyes) But I will still try to list some of my favourites here, sheerly for the reason " They are close to my heart for various reasons and they hold a piece of me wrapped in those words somewhere". Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them!
I know.... with so many posts this list seems to be a little small, but then I am my worst critic you see and not all match my criteria of being finest enough to be here!

P.S: This list is exhaustive and will be updated time to time.

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