Metro Diaries: The Art of Making Love

Image Source: Unpexels (Cottonbro)

“Do you know why is it called making love?” He whispered, pulling the comforter closer. 

I don’t remember for how long we had been in that room, on that bed. Lying aimlessly, just feeling each other in silence. I managed to just whimper to denote my curiosity. 

 “Because that is the moment we create love. We are the closest we could ever be to love, in its purest form. It is sheer magic as we are naked, in every form. Mentally, physically and emotionally before that one person, we love. We know they can hurt us, as much as they want to, in the way they want to. But love gives us that power to trust them, that they won’t.” 

 “And here I was thinking it is a need. Something you want at that moment and you get it!” 

 “Sshhh… don’t insult yourself by comparing yourself to Chicken Tikka which I can order at a call simply because I want to eat it at that time.” 

 “Okay, and what do we create with that love?” I giggled.

 “We create magic. We create memories. We create laughter. We create bliss." 

“You make it sound so beautiful.” 

“Because it is. Every moment I am with you is beautiful. I don’t know what was luckier, the moment I fell in love with you or the day you fell in love with me. For your love has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. “ 

 And he got back to doing what he loved the most – being the cartographer of my body. 

Cartography is something we both loved a lot. It was something he had taught me and I could never get enough of it since then. He had made me see my body in a new light. That injury I had as a 4-year-old, that mole which faded with time, and that scar of that cut for a useless ex - every mole, every scar, every wound, and every injury was a milestone. He traced the journey of my life tenderly, celebrating each milestone and its story with a kiss. 

 “I find everything about you beautiful. Every scar, every mole, and every mark on your body is beautiful because that makes you, YOU. These milestones have brought you here. In the journey of life ahead, there will be many more milestones. There will be marks, wrinkles, and scars. They need to be cherished and celebrated.” 

 Before I could say anything, he would shut my mouth with a deep, passionate kiss on my lips. I knew that was his way of telling me to shut up and just be in the moment.

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