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Life is like being on a swing….there are moments when you triumph and go up on the ladder of success while there are moments when you fall down only to rise again to another height….Just enjoy the ride and keep laughing even when you are coming down as it means that you are soon going to go up again!!!


  1. And enjoy the fun part of coming down as if you not then you won't able to appreciate the fun part of going up.

  2. I love swinging! It makes me laugh and forget my worries. So if I look at life like that, I know I'll love life too. :)


  3. Agree to you point but life's roller coaster doesn't mean he/she will get equal amount of happiness/success and sorrows/failures as i have seen and know genuine good people getting the brunt from life and many others being happy and success even though their acts are not at all appreciable...though i believe in god lot...but that doesn't deter to to qualify life is cruel to good people most of the times... !!!

    1. There are no two moments in life which can be equal ever... and that is what makes each moment very special you know...


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