A year later

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Can't believe its been a year and few months I have written on this space. Never thought I could do this, but then life never promised to be the same always. Reasons are of course plenty, some are told and a lot of them untold. But they...are not important. 

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If I were to explain my being MIA then I could write a series of posts of what could have been, should have been and wasn't. But I don't wish to do that. I want to talk about all that was, which was beautiful, exciting and promising. 

I want to share the wonderful milestones my writing journey crossed during this time. Not to forget the growth as a reader that I made during the same time. 

I want to talk about the various shades of blue I saw during my travels when I witnessed the beauty of oceans at its best. 

I want to describe the exact flavours of the best Asian cuisine I tried on a floating restaurant. 

I so wish I can capture the antics of the juggler who kept us entertained on the roadside on one rainy evening when everything had come to a standstill in the city but not his tricks. 

I want to talk about the lovely sunsets and sunrises I managed to capture through my lenses.

I want to share that old couple's love story whom I met on the train . 

I want to talk. Are you listening?

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