Lessons Learnt: 2017

This year was a roller coaster ride. I somehow can’t recollect how it passed by and no, I don’t say this every year. Not a very eventful year still one that helped me grow, 2017 will always remain an important milestone for the emotional growth I managed to achieve. (And by that I just don’t mean in age!

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One of the key takeaways has to be “More” of everything that I do. More love, more laughter, more writing, more reading, more movies, more exercises, more passion, more effort, more practice, more living… it is this “more” that elevates the life from being ordinary to being extra ordinary.

There comes a stage in life where everything begins to make sense. The failure, heartbreak, losses, steep falls, lies, failed relationships etc. from where I can see right now, are getting connected dot by dot. I am at a phase where I realize the whats and understand the hows and whys more deeply. Is this where the journey upward begins? Maybe. Maybe not. Till the mystery reveals itself, I enjoy being where I am. Sharing some of the lessons I learned this year :

1. Know thyself – Weirdly enough, the moment I came to know that I am an introvert by nature a lot of uneasiness was put to rest. For almost three decades of my existence I wasn’t aware of this term. All of a sudden the awkward behavior for which I was always made fun of in school and college seemed normal. I wasn’t alone. And this revelation helped me heal. It is so important to know that you are not weird. You are different and that’s completely okay. 

2. Heal thyself – Every time you board an airplane, the air-hostess gives safety instructions which are something like this, “In case of low cabin pressure, please wear the oxygen mask yourself first before helping anybody else.” I think this instruction should be made for emotional well-being also. Being caring and loving by nature is a good thing. But when you are broken from inside, you cannot help someone heal. You need to heal yourself first, become whole. That is when you will be able to help someone else to heal. 

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3. Check your EQ – Being emotionally available for someone who is not available for you can be very draining. It is important to see where you are emotionally invested because that is exactly the place from where hurt and pain can enter. This year I followed a simple rule, “Never cross oceans for someone who wouldn’t jump a puddle for you.” Every time I felt emotionally disturbed about an individual I applied this theory and it helped me keep my EQ in check. Though exceptions to this rule are always possible. There will always be someone for whom you will cross oceans and also bring back the stars! 

4. Trust your instinct – That tiny voice inside your mind which most of the times starts talking when you are least expecting it to, is your instinct. And it is this year that I realized the power of instinct. There were so many instances when I went by my gut feeling and I am so glad I did. The sixth sense that people say exists in few rare and blessed souls is actually in each one of us. The problem is we ignored it so much that it can barely be heard now. Try listening to it and watch the magic unfold. (P.S: It even has some secrets to share!

5. Just be – Growing up experiencing body shaming by the time I was in my late twenties I had reached a stage where I was clumsy, awkward and low on confidence. I learnt the art of pretense just to be accepted and feel a part of it all. Tired of being ignored and left alone, I had no choice. It was different this year though. I was now tired of pretending. I just wanted to be me and I promised to stick to it. I am what I am and I want to be accepted for all that, with my flaws. This was the most liberating thing I had ever done. Today when I look into the mirror I no longer cringe and go on a fault finding spree. I smile and blow a kiss to a person who has endured it all and is still standing tall. 

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How was your 2017? What was your key takeaway?

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