Life - On pause

Dil Dhundta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din…
Faint sounds of music in the air announce the arrival of evening today. Gulzar on the loop is how my day has been, crowded with my own thoughts in words and otherwise. I talked to someone on phone today and my own voice startled me for a moment. Had it grown hoarse or sweeter? I might never know. All I know is this quietude is addictive. This still, noiseless existence grows on you. The only voices that can be heard are either from your heart or your mind. And if sometimes you are lucky, then your dreams might try speaking to you. 

And just when the stillness around me gets overbearing I bring in the noises from different parts of the world. Since the time I have begun to travel, I make it a point to record sounds of that city. I play them when my heart yearns for some noise. And just like that, at the click of a button an entire city comes alive. Park Street , Kolkata. Church Street, Sydney. Riverside, Paris. Butterfly Museum, Singapore. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai. Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. Market Road, Leh. I have endless collections and every time I pick one up it is either because I am missing that city or I am missing a part of me, lost in time. 

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“We're all missing pieces. No one is whole

This is a quote from one of my most favourite books. It sums up life so well. We keep leaving our pieces in people, places, stories, songs and everything that we love. Maybe we need reasons to keep coming back. That’s how I look at re-birth! We come back to collect those pieces but end up falling in love with either the same thing or something new. The trick is to leave behind as many pieces as possible to ensure you get to measure the length and breadth of earth. Otherwise why are we re-born? Why do we feel a strange connect to some people and places? Why do we love someone despite all the hurt they give us? Why do we not become what we are destined to become from day one itself? Why all this learning and pain before the final revelation? Why?

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