Inspired Inscribes ~ 37

"Life is one of the best teachers we could come across ever in the world."

In the last few years I have learnt so much about myself that I am surprised how I existed before this. It is important because we are never told to know ourselves. We are always taught to keep others first and that is where the whole problem starts brewing up.Today, if someone were to ask me to describe myself then perhaps this quote would be perfect:

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As I am slowing treading towards my late thirties, I thought of noting down all the lessons my thirties have been bringing along for me so far. This list is exhaustive,  I will keep adding to it from time to time. 

1. Boundaries exist - only in our mind.

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2. Some of the worst lies are the ones we tell to our own self. 

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3. Follow your passion - not for money or fame, but to sleep peacefully at night.

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4. Respect is not in the way you are addressed. It is in the way you are treated. No amount of prefixes to your name can bring as much respect as a heartwarming gesture can.

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5. Love is not how many times someone keeps saying 'I Love you' - It is the way you feel that love.

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6. When you are a nobody very few will be by your side, pushing you to keep chasing your dreams. Not all care to remember those few when they become someone. It needs a huge heart to hold onto such people tightly. 

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7. Facing your demons need not always mean facing your fears. Sometimes it also means standing up for yourself, in front of people who are always trying hard to pull you down.

8. Number never matters - of friends, followers, likes, marks, age, weight, salary etc.  Most of the times even one right person standing next to you, feels like the world is by your side.

9. Living life Kingsize doesn't mean having a comfortable life with the best that money can buy, it means feeling royal from the bottom of your heart as you allow your heart rule your mind and do all that it asks you to do.

10. Fighting for what YOU think is right - is never wrong. 

Can you relate to any of these? Or have some of your own to share?

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