Random Musings

One of the most important things I learnt in the last 4 years of dealing with an autoimmune disorder is the art of doing nothing. It is important at times, to be busy doing nothing. It doesn't mean you are free, it means you are doing 'nothing'. 

Every evening when I go to the park for a walk I see everyone so busy finishing other chores while walking as if that isn't enough work for the moment. Pending phone calls, checking messages, counting the number of steps per minute and comparing with number of rounds to reach your average speed etc etc. Today I was in a mood to do nothing. So I sat on the bench and did some sky gazing. Looked around with lovely music for company. After a fresh bout of showers, everything seemed pristine and beautiful. A glimpse of it below. 😍 I now plan to capture this in a painting or sketch. 

(C) Privy Trifles

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