Confessions Diary (Flash Fiction)

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It's been more than a year I have been writing these confessions and it somehow feels very therapeutic. Starting from my addictions to all the fist fights at the college, writing them down has helped me see myself in a different light.

Unlike the other entries this is not something I have done and still is a confession. I witnessed a murder today. *GULP* However strange it sounds, it is nothing but the ultimate truth. Just like every Saturday I drove towards the Beer Point to unwind. I reached there around midnight. It is a huge space in the shape of a comma which breaks into two roads before ending at the cliff. With rocks lined in a circle forming a safe cocoon inside there is a strong barrier from the ongoing traffic.

As I was returning, the silhouettes of a couple on the cliff caught my attention. Not something unexpected because with the raging selfie trend there were a lot of people who loved standing on the cliff. Occasionally there were reports of people falling down to their death but it didn't deter any of them, usually it all ended happily. But today was different. I saw the couple arguing instead of cuddling up for pictures and the boy was holding the girl's hand in an animated conversation. Did they have a suicide pact? And was the girl backing out now? Or were they fighting and he was threating her by holding her close to the edge and constantly pushing her towards the other side?

Before I could even process my own thoughts a shrill cry echoed in the air as the two shadows went down the cliff.

Couple falls to their death while clicking selfie near Beer Point

Read the headline in the newspaper next day.

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