Timeless Love (Flash Fiction)

Source: quotesgram.com

"Where is Baba?" Amayra asked immediately after entering the house.

"He is watching some documentary on the television." Her mother replied nonchalantly before going back to the kitchen.

There we go again. August is all about these documentaries on television and Dad just has to watch all of them. I understand his patriotism but I fail to understand his obsession.

Amayra sighed loudly as she looked at him, eyes glued to the television he was completely lost. 

What Amayra saw as obsession and patriotism was actually sheer love. Decades ago, Amayra's Baba was a young lad of 17, madly in love with Nadira- his next door neighbour. Before he could proclaim his love for her, Partition was announced and hell broke loose. Among the chaos that followed, he could never find out what happened of her family. Till date, he keeps thriving through all Partition documentaries and archives, hoping against hope, only to know if she is fine. 

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