Random Thoughts- On adulting

Image Source: youthareaweesome.com
Childhood was so blissful and easy to be in. There was no pretense at all. If you were cranky, you were cranky. If you hated someone you could say,' I hate you!' with equal vengeance. And if you really liked someone you could display your affection in whatever way you wanted to.

If you were tired of walking, you could look around and find either atleast one grown up by your side. Tug their clothes, make the most cutest of puppy face, raise your arms as high as you could and say "Godi...." (Translated: Pick me up! OR Carry me in your arms!)

That's all it took for them carry you in their arms. With heads cosily snuggled on their shoulders, you looked at world pass by with disinterest and wondered what kept the adults going all the time. As an adult I wish I could give up walking someday and look around to find atleast one loved one to whom I could say, "Godi..." 

Adulting is hard. And nothing in our lives ever prepared us for it. Sadly, we keep going through because that what we have seen all our lives. Adults fighting, screaming, tired, jostling but never giving up. Is existing so difficult or is it the living part which makes it so?

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