I chose…….

Life showed me a path full of love and care,
Treading on which I had to dare,
I realised it was a trap luring me away,
I had come away so far that and there was nothing more to say;
I chose to believe……..

It broke my belief and shattered my dreams,
Took away my laughter leaving behind my muted screams,
My tears refused to dry as I did nothing else but cry,
I had lost everything and had no glimmer of hope- but still;
I chose to forgive…….

A battered soul, a broken heart,
A string of memories tearing me apart,
I failed badly even though I had tried,
What should I do I asked God and cried;
I chose to forget…….

“Enough was enough” I thought and decided to end this at last,
It was a question of my survival-I had to let go of my past,
Looking at myself I was aghast,
Beginning anew life, forgetting all the pain;
I chose to arise again…….

Life was jeering at me, making scary faces,
Showing me thumbs down at all possible places,
As it wasn’t enough it tried to pull me down,
Giving me the option of crying or being a clown;
I chose to smile…….

People sniggered at me and called me names,
They thought it was me to be blamed,
No answers only questions every where,
Whatever was happening was just not so fair;
I chose to move on…….

God had given a second chance to me,
I will prove myself for everyone to see,
Put a brave face though my heart cries,
From the ashes like the phoenix I will rise;
I chose to live………

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