Dos and Don’ts of handling an ineffective boss [Part 1]

As per’s definition, Boss is a person who employs or superintends workers. In simple words a boss is a person who has the authority to tell us what to do. There are various types of bosses; some of them are:
  • The Stingy – One who gives hikes and bonuses as if paying from one’s own pocket.
  • The Phony – One who always lies about everything and anything.
  • The Parley – One who is always on the phone; pretending to be busy but actually doing nothing.
  • The Autocrat – One who loves dictating terms and conditions to everyone.
  • The Weedy – One who doesn’t have the strength to take onus of anything.
  • The Boorish – One who is extremely rude in behaviour and highly egoistic.
  • The Obtuse – One who is too stupid to understand anything.
  • The Holdup – One who would sit on a project till deadline and then suddenly burst like a broken dam on us expecting last minute miracles.
….The list is endless. Reading this list definitely brings to our mind some familiar people we know or have known. Its funny how on a neutral perspective we can laugh at them while actually in person we hate them. Rather, we just love to hate them.It seems as if they seem to derive some sadist pleasure from the various tortures they endure their subordinates to.

I am sure at some point in our careers we all have had bad bosses who are at that position only because of sheer luck and other otherwise they could easily qualify for the category of inefficient superiors. They are like those sharp nails which can prick an employee’s spirits and deflate the morale.

[To be contd………………………..…]

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