The strive for improvement

Class 2 – Result – 90.45% - Remark – Can do much better!

Class 10 - Result – 75% - Remark- This is scope for improvement

ABC LtdAppraisal for the year 2009 – “Try and aim for better results.”

XYZ LtdAppraisal for the year 2010 – “Numbers could have been better!!”

Since the day I have been born to till date the one most common feedback I hear is “You need to improve.” From my school results to my professional appraisals the only thing which seems to be the highlight is that there is immense scope of improvement.

Sample this: My mom enrolled me for an activity which was of her interest in my childhood. Once I caught her lamenting to someone that there is so much improvement possible in learning this activity from my end. [Can anyone please tell her that my interest level depends on the activity which happens to be of her interest – How on earth m I supposed to excel in that!!!?]

I had been toiling hard for one full year in ABC Ltd. At the time of appraisal my heart was beating fast anticipating some appreciation for my hard work. The telephonic conversation started like you have done some brilliant work in this year...Blah blah…..But it could still have been better. Whoa…. I was getting “you know the pink could have been more pink and the red more redder” types of feedback!!! 

Even while growing up I am accustomed to feedback like, “You are very short tempered – you need to improve.”  I have free advisors readily available to pour their advices on me which range on anything from my weight to my behaviour to my dressing to my talking. I sometimes feel that even the way I breathe might need improvement!

Over the years the only thing that has changed is the topic or area of improvement while the need for improvement just doesn’t diminish. It constantly keeps on resurfacing time and again in some form or other. Life seems to be a constant strive for improvement for me. And yes I am improving.

I-M-PROVING myself to the world!!! :)

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