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Keep loving everything around you in life. The world is very beautiful! Love is the only emotion which keeps varying like a pendulum, while hate is always constant. For the more you love, the more you enjoy the gift of life.  When all of a sudden in the smooth journey of life we come across some bad people; treat them like bumps on your way. Slow down and pass over them so as to cause the least damage. Never let them be the deterrents because of which you cancel the journey. Never stop loving for the day you do that, you stop living!


  1. When all of a sudden in the smooth journey of life we come across bad peoples; treat them like bumps in your way!

    So very well said! It is an optimistic way of looking at bad situations and people. Sometimes, it is not easy to do it but eventually we realize that doing so is the best option and the solution to get rid of stress..


  2. Beautiful. Love is both a feeling (within yourself)and an emotion (a feeling shown to others). Never stop loving.

  3. Good one PT :) But I wonder is hate really constant?

    1. :o)


      That's what I have observed Jas, we love someone today and tomorrow that feeling changes. But I have rarely come across someone who knows I hated that person yesterday but today I don't ;)

  4. Love and hate both are the part of life and some time love changes to hate and hate to love.I m not agree with you about ,Love is like pendulum and Hate is constant.Only confused people act like pendulum or You may say them non judgmental.
    Life,s bumps is one of the most important part of life ,When ever bumps come to my way,i don't like to use break thn You'll ask what i do.I just concentrate on by balance and jump it off with same speed or with greater speed.Generally what happen when we see bump ,instantly we use break and la ba sa.This is my way of thinking
    may be ryt or rong.

  5. That is a lovely thought , I know it gets difficult to love when bad happens but if one can then it is great..

    not sure of hate but i guess again that is on experiences one has had..


    1. True Bikram and its these experiences which form your opinion about things - good or bad!

  6. Oh WOW!! very nicely said Privy. This is so true! Spread love around and get back also :) And because of few bumps we should never stop over journey at all as we never do while driving on road also. Nice comparison.

    I am liking this series :)

    Keep Writing :)

  7. BUMPS...! what an observation yaar...and I agree completely with your views. Love is the lifeline of this gift called life.
    Privy...don't know why I am feeling very low since past few days...maybe I need a HUG!!!!

    Sending a tight virtual hug to u:*

    1. Awwwwwwwww.....((HUGS))) to you dear sending more your way to make you feel better...maybe you were missing Vitamin Me ;)

      Love is truly the key ingredient for adding spice to life!

      Loads of love to you too dear


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