Chapter 2013

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As I begin a new chapter I look back and think of all the things that could have been, should have been and then turn around to see the things that can be, shall be and hopefully will be. Sometime in August I had made a check sheet to assess where I stood at that time. So today I thought is a right time to make one more check sheet to re-assess where I am ,where I want to be, count my blessings and look at the things which make me smile despite all the bad things in life

  • To remember all that I learnt last year and keep my Morales high, no matter what.
  • To keep moving ahead despite the failures I encountered recently.
  • To appreciate a half filled glass rather than crib about it being half empty.
  • To not let things happening around me bog me down, especially when they are not in my control. (Well, this is my New Year Resolution)
  • The joy of being able to chat with a friend, giggling, cracking stupid jokes till 4 a.m. in the morning and still not being sleepy. (Dumpling, you owe me one more such night...puhleaseee!! *puppy face*)
  • My regular dose of reading and writing as my hectic schedule off late has left me less time for it.
  • Some special people who are no longer are a part of my life but I know there is a reason why they never  made it to my present. It was “Times up” for them!
  • My dream trip to Goa as I still live every moment of it in my thoughts.
  • About my susceptible nature as I trust too soon and love very quickly which ensures hurt too.
  • About the everyday battles we fight for existence. I am scared someday I will be too tired to fight anymore.
  • For some things which are beyond my control.
  • About the unknown as my life is at a turning point where the turn is towards an untrodden path.
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  • The surprises in store for me this year are pleasant compared to last year ones.
  • I am able to give my best in all that I plan to do this year both personally and professionally.
  • I continue taking small but confident steps towards my dreams.
  • I don’t let my loved ones who trust me, down because of my actions or words.

  • Being able to love despite all the bad things that have happened.
  • Being loved by some truly wonderful people in spite of having met some wrong people.
  • The busyness I have since past few weeks as it means my hands are full.
  • Seeing my belief getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

  • When my blog is considered to be inspiring and one two take the pains to read it from the 1st blog post to the latest in one go, commenting on each one ~Thank you so much Ghanchakkar and Anjan!
  • When someone takes the pain to learn my favourite song (in my mother tongue) and sings it to me on New Year’s Eve exactly at midnight just to let me know how special I am.
  • When my every wish becomes a command and I am bestowed with loads of love.
  • When a loved one smiles and I know I am the reason behind that one.

Like it is said;
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I might as well enjoy as long as the ride lasts after all life never promised to be easy, it just promised to be worthwhile!

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