Happiness is...

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Happiness is winning an award for it reminds you - How loved you are!

I somehow don't remember how I landed up at Srishti's blog and when but all I remember is the fun we have had till now bonding over more than blogs and books for we share one more common love and that is for LIFE.Through her blog Life - As it is I have seen life in a manner that is much different than mine and yet enticingly beautiful.

She has presented me with a Liebster award there making me finally come out of my hiding and do something I should be doing more often - WRITE. She exactly knows what will kick me :)

Srishti - This one's specially for YOU :D - Just to say THANKS!!

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Now, I am supposed to answer some questions as a part of the award

· How would you introduce yourself to anyone? 

Hi! I am a dreamer and who are you?

· What do you adore more? Your past or present? 

Though I adore my present the most for I am the happiest in it, I respect my past a lot. It made me what I am today.

· Night, nature, rain or people? What makes you want to write a poem? 

Everything and anything. Poem for me is more of a cry of my heart while stories are whispers of my soul.

· What kind of a person you believe yourself to be? One who gives in to the demands of the situation, or the one who stays stiff, come what may? 

I believe I am a very practical person who molds the situation rather than letting the situation mold me. 

· Best compliment(s) you got on any of your blog posts? 

There are many ( **touchwood**) One that immediately comes to my mind is the one that said, "No one writes love as beautifully as you do in the blogosphere" - I just smile ear to ear as I remember that moment.
· Do you like your name? If not, then what name would you choose for yourself, and why? 

Ofcourse I love my name Privy Trifles and I wouldn't want to change it for anything. Its an identity I am immensely proud of.I am even planning to get it tattooed for keepsake.

· What controls you more? Heart or brain? 

My heart for I wear it on my sleeve, waiting for fall in love at the next opportune moment.

· One book you think every living being should read at least once? 

Aleph - by Paulo Coelho - It changes the way you look at love, relationships, life and most importantly yourself.
· Your take on the inflow of so many phone applications?

Am technologically handicapped - so cannot comment on them sorry! All I can say is they just add to my confusion!

· A movie you wish you were a part of? And which character, of course? 

Shrek - I would love to be Princess Fiona... for all those cute moments they have together and I sooo adore that Ogre <3

· A few (honest) words for my blog, please? 

I love frequenting your blog for I enjoy seeing LIFE as it is and most importantly it reminds me of the various colours that make a rainbow. The simple joys of life that you capture there, warm my soul and melt my heart every time! ( Esp: Your header!!! I am sooo much in love with it!! )

Time to pass on this award to some awesome blogger friends:
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I would want you to answer the following questions:

  1. What is writing to you?
  2. Why Blogging?
  3. What does your blog mean to you?
  4. If given a choice what would you like to change about LIFE right now?
  5. Say something to someone you have always wanted to. ( Can be in a code without any names)
  6. Meaning of life to you in one word.
  7. One lesson that life has taught you that you want everyone to know.
  8. One song that describes you perfectly.
  9. How would you like to be remembered?
  10. Words for me.

Waiting to know your answers,
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