Life's beautiful reminders

The roses are long dried, but the fragrance still lingers on reminiscent of the beautiful memories it holds within waiting to be re-opened on days when the grey skies of despair surround me.

One thing that I always grew up believing was we are all made to be loved. As years went by I realized that it was not true. Not all loved you. That is when I learnt we are seekers in love, we seek love from everything around us as if it would give us a kind of acceptance we need. 

A series of hurtful experiences and I concluded to be loved, we first need to become love worthy. And to become love worthy we need to first love ourselves the most. The moment you start celebrating yourself is the moment you spread love all around. At that moment I began a journey of loving myself, accepting myself the way I am with all my flaws and good things. 

(C) Privy Trifles
 Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong affair with no heartbreaks. 

I reached a phase where I was letting go of all my inhibitions, my insecurities… some things which I was carrying since my past to emerge as a newer me. It did feel difficult in the beginning but then that is how butterflies are born right? A little bit of pain is the way of learning some very important lessons of life, and I learnt how beautiful it felt to be loved. 

Since the Mr. Universe has just been sending love my way every moment, every day… He just sends reminders as to how much I am loved and all I feel is overwhelmed. I never knew words had the power to touch so many hearts for words are all that I have to give to anyone. Few weeks back I celebrated my birthday and the gifts that were showered on me were truly out of this world, so to say. 

(C) Privy Trifles
You know you are loved when your birthday is celebrated in phases of before and after birthdays. 

So the gifts started pouring in almost before 2 weeks of the birthday and are still coming in phases. The best part about each one of the gifts was the efforts the sender had taken to know what I would like. I am a voracious reader and to know which book would suit my taste apart from being sure I didn’t have it yet in my collection. 
(C) Privy Trifles
So the gifts varied from bags to books to flowers to headphones to laptop skins to wall clocks to mugs to personalized calendars to chocolates to cakes to purses to jewellery - it had almost everything I loved and each one of them made me go Wooooowwww… because all of them had one common thing which I love the most in this world – hand written letters. I dream of owning a house someday where a wall would be called the Wall of memories and it would be dedicated to photographs and framed letters. 

I am so much in love with each one of the letters I have received till now that I have them laminated so as to ensure longer shelf life. I have a special case where I keep them only to be taken out on special occasions when all I want to do is bask in love that I am blessed with. I love the reminders life keeps sending me each time, much before the stock of love in my replenishes it ensures I refill it to the maximum levels at all times and keep spreading it around me too. 

The biggest lesson I learnt was love just grows, the moment you become yourself you tend to attract all the love to you and then all that remains is love. Nothing else. It spreads and multiplies like an infectious disease ensuring endless smiles as a result. One of which I have on my face since last few weeks.

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