Past, Present & Future (Flash Fiction)

"I have a past..." He managed to whisper finally.

"So what? We all do. It is from those ruins of the past that we build mansions of our future." I replied. 

I had been trying to get him open up since long but he simply refused to speak. These four words was the first thing he had spoken in last one hour and it didn't help in any manner. It felt like some cryptic message waiting to be decoded. Working as a counselor this wasn't something new to me, what was new was his calm demeanor. 

He had been here since last 2 weeks, brought in by a caring friend who had seen severe suicidal symptoms in him and wanted to save his life. Save his life, we did. All of together. What none of us could do was understand his life. He simply refused to open up to what was gnawing him till today when finally I had managed to enter his good books as a confidante and finally he whispered to me,

"No... my future is held as a captive by my past who is threatening to ruin my present too now.

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