Diary of a lost wanderer - A different world

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein
Dear Diary, 

Miss scolded me in the drawing class. I coloured the sky green and the grass yellow. It somehow looked right to me. Everybody in the class laughed at me. 

But when the teacher said, Colour this picture, I thought she meant colour it the way you see it. I love imagining a world different than what we live in. A world where we could fly and the birds could only walk. Where the water is pink in colour like my favourite pink lemonade and the mountains blue. Where children taught and the adults learnt. Where everyday was a Sunday and a fun day to do all that you wanted to do. Where there were no exams because the exam of life was enough in itself to judge us. 

Miss told me, it is not how you look at the world. God has already created a beautiful world for us, we just need to observe its beauty and capture it on paper. When I showed my drawing to Maria today, I expected her to get angry on me. But she loved it. She even told me to teach her how to colour without jumping the lines. 

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And then she took me on a walk, asking me to show her all that I see. The green sky, yellow grass, purple sun, pink rivers, blue mountains and rainbow coloured flowers... We talked about it all. We spent the rest of the evening lying down on the grass and staring at the homebound birds. The shapes in which they were flying looked like giant balloons floating in the air. We played a guessing game based on their shapes and I won. 

Before going to sleep, Maria and I coloured another drawing with pink rivers and green skies. She told me, she will keep the drawing with her because she loved it and then put me to sleep. 

Are there more than one world existing at the same time? How is it that Maria and I look at the same world but my teacher and friends at school see a different world?


P.S: This was written in response to the picture prompt by Keemiya Creatives

P.P.S: Myra still continues to exist in a conundrum called life.

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