Gratitude Post # 4 - April 2019

Source: Positive Prescription

This month I am grateful for a lot of things in general, though there is also a specific list but I would rather share this one here before sharing the other one later perhaps. So without much ado, here's the list of things I am grateful for:

For every step that turned into a milestone 
For every hope that turned into strength
For every house that turned into a home 
For every window that turned into my lens
For every bite that turned into motivation 
For every hug that turned into power
For every kiss that turned into super power
For every Hello that turned into a friendship 
For every goodbye that turned into peace 
For every story that turned into inspiration 
For every dream that turned into a memory 
For every memory that turned hazy with time 
For every letter that felt like a band aid 
For every song that turned into a pain killer 
For every penny that turned into a treasure 
For every smile that turned into an achievement 
For every secret that turned into a flower 
For every disability turned into an ability 
For every heartbeat that turned into a reminder 

 πŸ’žFor everything that was,is and will be for that defines life for me. πŸ’ž

Source: Be Leaderly


  1. Such a poetic and compelling gratitude list, Privy. Love it!
    Blessings, my friend!


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